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Friday, May 24, 2013

iBlueNova for IOS

Posted by Harry On 9:37 PM
iBlueNova for IOS

iBlueNova, the successor of iBluetooth
iBlueNova Features
iPod Touch 2g is supported (no support for iPod Touch 1g, since it has no bluetooth hardware).
iPod Touch 3g support is experimental.
iPhone 2g, 3g & 3gs are supported.
Firmware 3.0 and above are supported.
Music library is read-only, no received music or video will be saved in the library.
What's New In Version 2.0.1
- Fixed problem that occurred with the iPhone 2G
- Fixed a problem with Windows 7 (now being able to send and receive files)
- Solved the problems of transfer does not complete
- Improved start times of the daemon to transfer files
If the downloaded file is in .zip format, rename its extension to .ipa
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