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Sunday, October 20, 2013

BADLAND with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Posted by Harry On 8:25 PM
Ver.: 1.5
Released: 2013-09-25
Shared: 2013-09-25
Size: 127 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.




More than 7 MILLION players and counting! #1 GAME in 83 countries!
WINNER of 2013 Apple Design Award!
Apple Editors' Choice around the world!

5/5 - AppSmile
4/4 - Slide to Play
5/5 - AppSpy
5/5 - Apple’N'Apps
9.2/10 -
9/10 - Destructoid
4.5/5 - TouchArcade
4.5/5 - Macworld

“BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.” -- AppSmile

“BADLAND’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it a must-download.” -- Slide to Play

“BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat to play” -- AppSpy

“Badland is easily one of the best iOS games of the year” --

“one of the best experiences on iOS.” -- Apple’N'Apps

“A hallmark of excellence.” -- Destructoid

WINNER of 2013 Apple Design Award
WINNER of Nordic Indie Sensation Award in Nordic Game 2013
WINNER of Best Project in Game Connection Europe 2012
WINNER of SCEE Award in Game Connection Europe 2012
Selected Indie Game in PAX 10 2013

- Single-player campaign with 70 truly unique levels and more coming in updates
- Multiplayer mode for up to four players playing with the same device in 20 levels and more coming in updates
- Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative level design
- Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience
- 100% indie game (no publisher, no investor)
- Universal app with no IAP (player gets the whole game experience optimized to all of his/her iOS devices)
- iCloud support (player's game progress is synced between all linked iOS devices)
- More levels and content coming in updates

BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric sidescrolling action adventure platformer taking place in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest looks like it’s from some beautiful fairytale, there seems to be something terribly wrong. The player controls one of the forest’s inhabitants to discover what’s going on. Through his journey he discovers astonishing amount of imaginative traps and obstacles.

BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level with its innovative physics based gameplay combined with the extremely beautiful atmospheric graphics and audio.

BADLAND also features highly original local multiplayer for up to four players playing with the same device. The multiplayer is all about survival of the fittest with no rules. It’s completely okay to push your rivals to spinning circular saws in order to survive.

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What's New
Update #6 continues the Day II with Dusk levels!
- 10 new levels added to the Single Player Day II!
* Introducing brand new obstacles such as a gravity modifier and a time stopper!
- 30 new missions
- 4 new achievements
- New hidden achievement in one of the new levels

Thank you again for your awesome support and feedback! Be prepared for the Day II conclusion - the Night.


Dynamic Light For iOS

Posted by Harry On 8:22 PM
Dynamic Light
Photo & Video
Ver.: 2.1
Released: 2013-09-30
Shared: 2013-10-20
Size: 11.1 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



Dynamic Light gives you the best and most vibrant HDR-like look on any mobile platform. And this is all accomplished from just a single image using only a single dial. Rotate the dial to the right and you get the very same HDR look you had admired on many photographic sites.

What others say:

"In one word, "WOW". This is a quick, simple app, with stunning effects that has just set a new standard in single photo HDR apps, and all for a bargain price." review.

"If you like to experiment with your photos and create totally unique looks, then Dynamic Light is definitely a HDR app you should check out for some crazy results." review.

"Dynamic Light does an excellent job of expanding the dynamic color range and luminosity of iPhone photos, giving them the qualities of a bracketed HDR image without the alignment problems of some HDR apps or the flat, lifeless look of most “pseudo-HDR” apps" review

Don't let the virtual simplicity of our app fool you. Inside is a highly optimized full-blown proprietary processing taken directly from our DPHDR desktop application.

Unlike other apps that look complex outside while cutting you short on the actual processing we designed Dynamic Light the other way around to really show you that the shiny new iPhone and iPod touch can actually crunch the same data a desktop computer can.

You can use the build-in camera or load image from the album. For our testing we even downloaded images from our professional DSLR camera and the iPone chewed through it in nearly the same time like on our desktop. That says a lot about our code optimization and the wizards in Cupertino who designed the hardware.

As a special treat we also included few not-so typical effects that are a good match for the HDR look like Orton, Sepia, Vignette, Mysterious Light etc.
There are also two special designed effect Comic and Manga. You have to really save the images with those effects and look at them in Photos or on your computer in bigger size.

The new second page of effects has now few HDR specific effects that are very sensitive to the strength dial and produce anything from just a hint of tone-mapping to totally overblown HDR effect.
Those effects (like the little understood Ultra Contrast from previous version) are build with enough headroom for punchy images and are not really mean to be used with the dial all the way to the ceiling (this is probably what many people did in previous version with Ultra Contrast and disliking the overblown result).

Some tips: The HDR look works best on landscape and outdoor pictures especially with cloudy skies and lot of textures. This also minimizes the camera noise. Large flat surfaces without a texture are not a good match for this effect, nor are portrait photos, unless you are after particular effect.
We hope you will have fun with this app and take some amazing shots.

This of course is build for the Retina display, we wouldn't want it any other way. (some people asked).
We are committed to make this the best pseudo HDR app.

We have make the Dynamic Light for desktop as well. Check it in app store.

What's New
Fix for freezing during saving on iOS 7

Perfectly Clear – Photo Correction (Automatic)

Photo & Video
Ver.: 3.4
Released: 2013-08-28
Shared: 2013-08-29
Size: 22.3 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



+ Winner of Professional Photographer Hot One Award
+ Winner of Vision Award for innovation
“...the immediate impact was miraculous—like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath.”-TechHive
"...Perfectly Clear puts the intelligent image correction to the top of its game…it even has an option to remove that unwanted ‘Purple Haze’, which it effortlessly does.” - Glyn Evans,
"...Perfectly Clear quickly became our de facto iPhone photo editing app. It offers real improvements to just about any image you throw at it, and is so quick and straightforward that you’ll be improving your Facebook and Twitter uploads in seconds." –
**WOW. You took that photo with a phone? **
Perfectly Clear for iPhone & iPad is a photography app that removes the limits of your smartphone’s camera, allowing you to have amazing images as vibrant as life itself!
* Ten patented corrections in a single click
With Perfectly Clear’s intelligent image correction, your photos get professional photo correction in seconds.

* Making it easy to look your best
Using advanced algorithms and over ten years’ worth of research, our unique ‘Beautify’ automatically brightens eyes, evens skin tone…even whitens teeth!

Recommended by mothers, amateurs, photo journalists, and top pros around the world to save time and produce amazing results.

There are 4 presets that you can use to correct your photo, or you can easily and quickly tweak your photo by adjusting 12 different image corrections:
+ Perfect Exposure: correction applied pixel per pixel, never clipping
+ Depth: add WOW and pop! to your photos
+ Vibrancy: corrects the photo where color has been washed out
+ Sharpening: bring out the details you never knew were there
+ Tint Removal: automatically remove unwanted tint caused by uncontrolled light sources
+ Noise Removal: remove noise from low light shots
+ Skin Tone: remove that red captured by the camera but not seen by your eyes
+ Perfectly Smooth: breakthrough and patented correction which renders flawless skin
+ Eye Enhance: puts the life and sparkle back into the eyes
+ Eye Enlarge: increase the size of your subject's eyes for a pleasing effect
+ Teeth Whitening: everyone likes whiter teeth (and saves a trip to the dentist!)
+ De-Purple: remove that ugly purple that you get sometimes when shooting into the sun or bright light source
When you’re done, save and optionally share via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you’ve ever printed photos at a Walgreens, Olympus, Black’s, Tesco, or Photobox, you’ve likely already experienced Perfectly Clear. Perfectly Clear powers automatic corrections for over 100,000 photo kiosks, countless websites and labs all over the world — making more than 26 million photos a day look their best.

“Even with the superior camera of the iPhone, there’s still a need to prep your photos — tweak the color, get the white balance right, make the contrast and exposure look more natural. Even though there are plenty of other ”Edit" apps and “Fake Flash” apps, Perfectly Clear is the by far the best in its class. With little fuss, it makes photos look right. Perfectly Clear is the standard to beat.” -Marty Yawnick - Life in LoFi
“I love showing the innovation of the Perfectly Clear iPhone app to my customers and friends! The user experience is very slick. The automatic corrections are very effective, consistently producing a better looking and accurate photo with no effort on my part.” -Ken Easdon

iPod: 5MP
iPhone 3G: 5MP, 4 4S: 12 MP, 5: 22.5 MP
iPad 1: 8 MP, 2: 12MP 3: 22.5 MP

Go to for further information and learning tutorials

What's New
New Settings panel


RushPlayer For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Posted by Harry On 8:00 PM

Ver.: 1.7.0
Released: 2013-10-20
Shared: 2013-10-20
Size: 12.0 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



With Rushplayer, you can experience stunning high-quality 720p 1080p videos in an extensive number of formats: RMVB WMV AVI MKV MP4 etc. Based on the team’s more-than-a-decade’s experience in audio and video optimization technique, Rushplayer embodies the advanced dual core decode technology, and can ensure you much better experience compared with other players of a similar type.
Thereafter, you can watch all high-definition videos directly on ios equipments with no need to decode them. The file management function makes it easy for you to create and edit your own multimedia playlist in ios equipments.
Since the publishment of the first edition, Rushplayer has fascinated users with its optimization level. Users have given numerous positive feedbacks on its smooth playing of high definition video in various formats which used to be limited to pc. Rushplayer is by far the best player on iphone and ipad to play videos in formats of RMVB WMV MP4 AVi, etc.
Thereafter, you can watch all high-definition videos directly on ios equipments with no need to decode them. The file management function makes it easy for you to create and edit your own multimedia playlist in ios equipments.
Since the publishment of the first edition, Rushplayer has fascinated users with its optimization level. Users have given numerous positive feedbacks on its smooth playing of high definition video in various formats which used to be limited to pc. Rushplayer is by far the best player on iPhone and iPad to play videos in formats of RMVB WMV MP4 AVi, etc.

What's New
fix bugs for ios7.

TeamViewer Pro for Remote Control For IOS

Posted by Harry On 7:56 PM
TeamViewer Pro for Remote Control

Ver.: 8.0.10338
Released: 2013-08-01
Shared: 2013-08-01
Size: 16.0 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

TeamViewer is already used on more than 100,000,000 computers worldwide and with the TeamViewer App for iPhone and iPod Touch you are able to:

- On the fly support your clients and colleagues
- Have access to your office desktop with all of its documents and installed applications
- Remotely administer unattended computers (e.g. servers)

- Remotely access unattended computers
- Conveniently control remote computers using the iPhone multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor
- Complete keyboard control incl. special keys such as Windows®, Ctrl+Alt+Del
- Remotely reboot the computer
- Automatically adjust the screen resolution of the remote computer
- Overview of computers that are online via the integrated Partner list
- Effortlessly access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers
- Meets highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange

TeamViewer Pro provides access to any number of remote computers for which you do not have to purchase any additional licenses. Even installing TeamViewer on unattended computers does not incur any additional cost! 

Quick guide
1. Install and start TeamViewer Pro from the AppStore
2. Install and start TeamViewer on your computer (
3. Enter your computer’s TeamViewer ID and password directly in the TeamViewer interface on your iPhone / iPod Touch to connect.

Note: Additional quick guides for different applications can be found at

What's New
• “Lock remote computer” at the end of the session can be set to: Auto select, Always, or Disable
• Extra button for “Ctrl+Alt+Del” in the toolbar under “Actions”
• “Play computer sounds and music” can be deactivated
• Additional toolbar icon (running man) to unlock remote computer
• Possibility to connect to a computer only asking to confirm the session from Computers & Contacts
• Fixed various display errors
• Various other minor bug fixes and improvements

Construction Simulator 2014 For IOS

Posted by Harry On 7:26 PM
Construction Simulator 2014

Ver.: 1.0
Released: 2013-10-17
Shared: 2013-10-18
Size: 104 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



Do you want to build houses and industrial buildings with heavy machines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL? Then get the Construction Simulator 2014 – in this way your iOS device becomes a virtual construction site.

Playing the Construction Simulator 2014 you can take over the control of 14 construction machines which are true to the originals in high-quality 3D graphics. Excavate the foundation of a one-family house with realistic machines, operate a concrete pump which is as high as a house to cast concrete into the wall formwork of an industrial hall or place giant roof trusses with a mobile crane and show that you can keep a steady hand – more than 300 tasks promise more than 20 hours of gaming fun.
Do you want to convert the small building company into a successful real estate group and bring your own style to the city where you can navigate freely? You can play the Construction Simulator 2014 on the following devices:
- iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5c, 5s
- iPad 2, 3, 4, mini

-14 construction machines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL designed true to the original with original operating modes
-High-quality 3D graphics
-Realistic control of the construction machines, optimally designed for mobile devices - for example, support of the euro control for excavators
-Huge construction sites like wind generator, swimming pool, school building or town hall
-For beginners and experts: Free change from Arcade control to professional control
-Huge freely navigable world
-Ladder of success: From apprentice to building tycoon
-Highly variable order system guarantees never ending gaming fun
Unblock the different districts of the city and bring your own style to the city and choose freely colour, material and specifications of the construction


Music Studio For IOS

Posted by Harry On 7:25 PM
Music Studio

Ver.: 2.3.1
Released: 2013-10-15
Shared: 2013-10-20
Size: 355 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



*** In-app shop sale to celebrate the Music Studio 2.3 update: Get 50% off the all-in-one pack for a limited time! ***

Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

It combines a piano keyboard, 66 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a fully fledged 127-track sequencer, extensive note editing, reverb, real-time effects and much more on a user-friendly interface.

Try the free Lite version!

• "A recent composition of mine started on the iPhone with Music Studio" - Jason Hayes, lead composer of "World of Warcraft"
• "GarageBand on your iDevice" -
• "Music Studio is loaded to the brim with features and is a no brainer for composers" -
• "If you’re at all serious about your music you can’t really afford to miss out on this app." -
• "Music Studio justifies the purchase of an iDevice if you're really into it." -
• Awards from,, apps4idevices, Palm Sounds

• Photorealistic dynamically configurable 85-key keyboard
• Instant positioning via the slide gesture and resize with the pinch gesture
• Drum pads, chord pads and chord programming
• 126 studio-recorded instruments (16bit 44.1kHz sampled from real instruments)
• 66 free instruments, 60 available in the in-app shop
• 4 categories: classic, band, electronic, world
• Release and attack time configurable per instrument
• Sustain samples
• Pitch bend wheel and accelerometer control
• Audio tracks:
• Microphone recording
• AudioCopy & AudioPaste
• iPod library or wav/mp3/AAC/ogg file import
• Waveform and audio region editing
• Record up to 24 channels simultaneously with CoreAudio (class compliant) hardware
• Audiobus support (input & output)
• Sampler to create custom instruments and kits from audio files and recordings
• Background audio playback and recording
• Low-latency, highly optimized, 64x polyphony, battery saving audio engine
• 100 drum loops
• 5 real-time effects with lots of parameters:
3 high-quality reverb algorithms, delay, 3-band equalizer, amplifier, filter
• 127-track sequencer
• Beat & metronome settings (tempo and signature)
• Mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment for each track
• Edit tracks, bars and even individual notes:
Draw, quantize, transpose, repeat, move, length, velocity, etc.
• MIDI import and export
• Save and load your songs and export to wav and AAC formats
• Share your songs via email, Dropbox, AudioCopy and SoundCloud
• Wi-Fi and iTunes file transfer to your computer
• Songs and MIDI files can be opened directly from Safari and Mail
• Unlimited undo and redo
• Detailed in-app help
• Play or record 2 different instruments at the same time with 2 keyboard rows
• iPhone and iPad Retina Display supported
• Compatible with: CoreMIDI (MIDI in and out), Virtual MIDI, Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer I & II, Akai SynthStation 25, iRig, iRig Mic, iRig MIDI, Yamaha i-MX1, Apogee Jam, Blue Mikey, Alesis IO Dock, iConnectMIDI, Line 6 Mobile Keys, Line 6 Mobile In, Tascam iU2 and many more.

Visit for video tutorials, forums and demo songs.

Free email support at - Questions, feedback and bug reports are welcome!

What's New

Fixes a crash on iOS 5.1 and a few other bugs.

In-app shop sale to celebrate this update: Get 50% off the all-in-one pack for a limited time!

New features in version 2.3:
● MIDI clock output setup option
● MIDI start/stop input & output
● Input gain slider in the recording window (only visible with external mic connected)
● Chord buttons can be cleared by tapping SET and holding the chord button
● New AudioCopy 2.0 support (iOS 7 compatible)
Performance & speed:
● Major performance improvements (play more tracks without audio dropouts!)
● Audio file editing is up to 5x faster
● Reverb quality and performance improved
Other improvements:
● Audio recordings are placed more accurately
● Setup latency options removed, it's now always at minimum
● Filenames can now contain non-latin characters
● Inbox folder is no longer present, files are moved to the top level folder
● .beat files can be opened from other apps like Mail and Safari
● Many small changes and refinements, see the changelog in the in-app help
● Overall stability greatly improved

Home Design 3D GOLD for IOS

Posted by Harry On 7:25 PM
Home Design 3D GOLD

Ver.: 2.6
Released: 2013-10-17
Shared: 2013-10-19
Size: 264 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.





"Now apps offer a quick and powerful way to indulge your home design fantasies. Home Design 3D is one of the better ones"
(NY - May 1, 2013)

“Designers have used complex software to help plan renovations for years, but with this app anyone can do it”
#2 best property app by The Telegraph

Discover the 'All Inclusive' version of the reference app Home Design 3D. Everything is included in the one package with no additional purchases!

Home Design 3D is that perfect balance between ease of use and extensive features.

With Home Design 3D, designing and changing your home has never been so intuitive and quick. Whether you want to redecorate, redesign or create the home of your dreams, Home Design 3D is the perfect app for you!

The Gold version allows you to take full advantage of all current and upcoming content
Floorplan and room layout:
In 2D, you can draw rooms, create openings, and now add single and small walls.
You can just as easily change the height or the thickness of the walls, the shape of the room itself, and its orientation (thanks to the compass function).
By simply dragging/dropping, make your choice from among hundreds of objects and pieces of joinery proposed and change both the interior and exterior of your home.
Advanced features and sharing:
Import any plan (architectural or hand-drawn) and display it on the background of the project.
In addition to iCloud synchronization, Home Design is the first application to allow you to share your plan via Dropbox.
Whether for professional or personal purposes share and synchronize your project so several people can work on it!

Customization and 3D visits:
Upgrade to 3D mode and get the most out of your project. Thanks to its all-new 3D engine, you can take a look at an impressive photo-realistic preview of your project. The new day/night function will show you exactly where the light will fall at different times of the day.
Choose from the textures to customize your project either by double tapping or with a simple drag & drop.
Each texture is available in 450 different shades giving you an almost infinite choice. You can easily find the shade you want in just a few seconds thanks to the color chart.
False manipulations no longer possible in 3D. If the texture applied is not suitable, you can now go back and cancel it.

Suitable for the iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS latest generation.

Video :

•All content available from purchase
•An app that's always up-to-date! No additional purchase required to take full advantage of add-ons.
•Easy to use and intuitive interface
•Drag and drop any object or piece of furniture where you want (windows, doors, tables, desks, carpeting, etc…. This applies to textures too.
•An enormous variety of features (copy/paste, magnetism, single walls, wall height adjustment, plan importing…)
•More than 800 different objects and joignery available for the house and the garden
•Select the dimensions of every element of the house (walls, objects, furniture, ...)
•Import you plan and place it under your project
•Share your project on iCloud or Dropbox
•New 3D engine for a photo-realistic rendering
•Visit your home in 3D with 2 navigation modes (First Person view and Observer mode)
•Advanced unlimited customization! All cladding and materials can be customized whenever you like and as much as you like.
•Share your projects on the website and take advantage of the Home Design 3D community knowledge!
•Save and edit all your projects easily
•No internet connection
•Illustrated tutorial available

Calling all professionals! We can make it possible to see your products in Home Design 3D. Contact us at

Follow us on Twitter @homedesign3d
Join us on

What's New
• Addition of a color chart. It instantly gives you 450 different shades so you can easily find the one you are looking for!
• New drag & drop feature for textures in 3D: see the result of any change you might want easily and immediately
• No more mistakes! Simply tap the ‘Cancel’ button in 3D and go back!
• A nursery theme pack with 50 new objects
• Free new windows and doors (including bi-fold doors and basement windows)
• New texture browser with new textures added
• Numerous bugs fixes (including those experienced in 3D)



Contact us: