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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dearest in the Lord

Posted by Harry On 4:17 PM
Dearest in the Lord,

I am Pastor Mike Kerry, and by the Grace of God, Pastor in charge Revival Holy Church here in Ivory Coast. Nevertheless, I will like you to treat this matter very important as you can, once you receive this message because my contact to you is a divine contact based on God's direction. I am also believing that you will not let down this trust, as I am quite sure that you are also a believer of the Gospel of Our Lord.

Late Mrs Elizabeth Dodo was a full member of our church and was a sincere and devoted Christian too. Due to the trust she had on me as her Pastor, before her sudden death, she revealed to me $6.5.million her late husband Dr.Stephen Dodo secured in a deposit House here in Ivory Coast, which he wanted to used in an Oversea Business Projects before his sudden death, as was caused by Car Accident. Her Wife Mrs Elizabeth Dodo revealed this to me in case she did not survive her sickness. She instructed me to make an arrangement with a foreigner who will contact the deposit house as her late husband's Foreign Associate and provide a means of transferring this money for the future of her only Son . She never wanted to invest this money here in Ivory Coast because of their enemies and also, because of constant political instability in Africa as a whole. Though we did everything possible, spiritually and physically for Mrs Elizabeth to survive, but behold, it was her time to meet the !
Almighty ( May her Soul Rest in Pe

Her Son is right now under the care of our Church and myself as the Pastor in-charge. If this letter touches you and you are willing to guide this money for this orphan with honesty and with the fear of God, please get back to me immediately so that I can give you more details about this matter, and also advice you on what next to do.

Feel very free to carry on this matter with me, as I have gone to the deposit house where this money is lodged and confirmed everything legal. Therefore, be rest assured that every thing about this matter has legal back-up and through your sincere co-operation, this money will be transferred successfully to you according to the will of God, and through this, you can assist this young innocent boy for the near future, in total faith that our God will never let me down for directing me to you.

I am sending this mail to you with Divine Glory of our Lord and peace to you and your family, Amen.

Contact me after reading this message in good faith.

God Bless you.

Pastor Mike Kerry


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