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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fast File Transfer for Android

Posted by Harry On 10:20 PM

Fast File Transfer

The WiFi Direct for the rest of us.
Finally even older devices can send files at speeds like Wi-Fi Direct!
Fast File Transfer is an alternative for Bluetooth file sending.
The app uses Wi-Fi Tethering for establishing a connection between the devices but does not need the Internet.
Due to its high speed, this technology is especially recommended for sending big files.

• Up to 20x speed of bluetooth
• Easy to setup
• The receiver is device-independent
• No need for a common Wi-Fi connection
• No data usage for file transfer (Just for advertisements)
• The receiver does not have to have the app installed
• Send single or multiple files
• Displays QR codes for faster receiving
Just tap the instruction image
Using this app, you can easily send a file to an iPhone or any other phone that does not have Bluetooth but Wi-Fi.
Simply tap “Share via” in any file exlorer or in the gallery app, choose this app and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to send multiple files?
Just select multiple files in your file explorer and tap “Send via” (or similar) -> “Fast File Transfer”
In some file explorers first tap “Send via” in the menu, choose this app and then your files.
I don’t want to always enter the address on the receiver’s phone!
Use the built-in QR codes or
Save a bookmark:
Send multiple files once and add a bookmark to the file index page in your web browser. Later just open this bookmark to receive files.
Where can I change the password and username?
Open the app from the launcher. The instruction screen will appear. Now press the menu button and choose “Settings”.
This app might not run on some phones due to restrictions of manufacturers or carriers that make it impossible for the app to access WiFi tethering.
Please don’t write bad reviews because of this fact, unfortunately I cannot do anything against it.
Please don’t write 3-star reviews mentioning the app did not work on your device. 3-star-reviews influence the overall rating as well.
The app does not work on:
Motorola Razr XT910 (Restarts phone; Problem in Motorola’s Android implementation)
HTC EVO 3D X515m
Some Galaxy Y devices
The transfer speed this app offers depends on the sender and receiver device. The highest value I measured is 64 Mbit/s which means 1 GB in under 5 minutes.

Norton Family Parental Control for Android

Posted by Harry On 9:41 PM

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family keeps your kids safe from online dangers, even when you’re not around. Know what your children are really doing online. Monitor their computer, smartphone, and tablet activities. See how they represent themselves on social networks. Prevent cyber bullying and block access to inappropriate websites and content.

Please Note: A Norton Online Family account is required in order to use this app. Setup a free account at
• Track websites that your kids visit or attempt to visit
• Block specific sites that you feel are inappropriate
• Set time limits on how much time each of your kids can spend on the computer
• Limit computer use to specific hours or days of the week
• Monitor what social networking sites your kids belong to (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
• See how your kids represent themselves on social networks (profile photo, name, age)
• Track what words and phrases your kids are searching for to better understand their intentions
• Setup custom alerts to email you when your kids attempt to do something they shouldn’t
Get started for FREE. Upgrade to Norton Family Premier ($49.99 per year) for more protection:
• SMS / MMS Text Message Monitoring – Know who your kids are texting with on their Android smartphones and record their entire conversations
• Apps Usage Monitoring – Know what apps your kids have installed and uninstalled on their Android devices, and if they are age appropriate
• Video Monitoring – View a snippet of the videos your kids watch on YouTube and other popular video sharing sites
• Time Reporting – Know exactly how much time your child spent on his PC or Mac
• Detailed reports: Get weekly and monthly reports sent straight to your email inbox

Norton Anti-Theft for Android

Posted by Harry On 9:38 PM

Norton Anti-Theft

NEW! Norton™ Anti-Theft Plug In, an add-on to Norton™ Tablet Security and Norton Mobile Security, helps you quickly and easily lock, locate, and find your Android phone or tablet—and will help protect your personal information in the case of loss or theft.

Now you can quickly find out where your device is when anyone uses it to go online, lock it down, and even discover who has it, anytime, using any Web browser.
Norton Anti-Theft Plug In enables extension of the following web-based antitheft features of Norton Anti-Theft to your device:
LOCATE Tracks and maps the location of your device when anyone uses it to go online so you’ll know if it’s lost or stolen.
REMOTE LOCKDOWN Securely locks your device to prevent strangers from using it or seeing your information.
LOST NOTICE Displays a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing device so you can make arrangements to get it back.
WEB CONTROL Works securely over the Internet so you can easily track, locate, and lock your Internet-connected devices anytime, using any Web browser.
SNEAK PEEK Snaps photos of anyone in front of your device then saves the images to the Norton Anti-Theft website to help you get back your device. (Webcam devices only.)
FREE 24×7 SUPPORT Get help and answers by phone, email, live chat, or online whenever you need it during your active subscription period.
Norton Anti-Theft is easy to use and, combined with Norton Tablet Security, covers the devices you use to stay connected.
NOTE: Norton Anti-Theft Plug In is an add-on to Norton Anti-Theft and Norton Tablet Security.
Want antitheft protection for your PC as well? Go to to learn more about Norton Anti-Theft.
Connect with Norton for the latest security news and product updates:
Like Norton on Facebook:
Follow Norton on Twitter:
Android Minimum System Requirements
Device Requirements:
Android™: 2.1 with 1.8 MB of storage
System requirements
To install the Norton Anti-Theft agent and use Norton Anti-Theft Web site, your device must meet the following system requirements:
Supported devices
•    Windows PC laptop
•    Android smartphone
•    Android tablet
Hardware requirements
•    300-MHz or faster processor
•    512 MB of RAM (256 MB minimum)
•    30 MB of available hard disk space
•    Android™: 2.1 or later
•    1.8 MB of storage
Operating system
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Starter
32-bit and 64-bit versions, Service Pack 1
•    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
•    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
•    Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
•    Microsoft Windows Vista Business
32-bit and 64-bit versions, Service Pack 1 and 2
•    Microsoft Windows XP Home
•    Microsoft Windows XP Pro
•    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
32-bit versions, Service Pack 2 and 3
Android    2.x or later
Supported Web browsers
•    Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
•    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later
•    Google Chrome 10.0 or later
•    Apple Safari 4.0 or later
•    Opera 10.0 or later
•    Android Web browser
1 Year Protection: With this service you receive the right to use Norton Anti-Theft for the specified service period, which begins upon initial installation and activation. This renewable service includes protection updates, as available throughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the Norton License Agreement included with this product and available for review at Product features may be added, modified, or removed during the service period.

ESET Mobile Security for Android

Posted by Harry On 9:12 PM

ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security
Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.
Keep your data in phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with 30-day trial version of award-winning ESET antivirus technology and its real world proven Anti-Theft technology.

Use your mobile device without worrying about emerging threats or privacy breaches. Stay secure while you do your internet banking, connect to public Wi-Fi, exchange emails or go online shopping. Your sensitive data is kept safe against abuse and you are protected against malware hidden in applications. The Anti-Theft helps you locate or block access to your device in case it is lost or stolen.
If you have already purchased this product from ESET and received your username & password, download ESET Mobile Security for Android directly from the ESET’s website.
• Simple SMS commands to help you maintain control over your lost or stolen device
• Remote LOCK: Lock phone remotely by SMS to prevent unauthorized access to data
• Remote WIPE: Delete contacts, messages and memory cards
• Localization: LOCATE lost or stolen phone by a remote SMS command
• Anti-Malware Protection: Scans all downloaded and accessed applications and files for malware
• SMS/MMS Antispam: Block SMS/MMS messages from unknown numbers
•USSD Control : Protects you from USSD based attacks via malicious SMS messages, QR codes, or URL links
•Call Blocking: Block unwanted incoming and outgoing calls
• Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager: Monitor vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility
• Program interface localized in 24 languages: English, Japanese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, French Canadian, Korean, Spanish Latin, Czech, Hebrew and Slovak
• Some features are not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging
If you have any questions regarding installation or uninstallation of ESET Mobile Security for Android, please visit :
This is a 30-day trial of the full product. One year license of the product can be bought within the product.

Text (SMS) Auto Reply for Android

Posted by Harry On 9:06 PM

Text (SMS) Auto Reply

Text (SMS) Auto Reply
Tired? Don’t want to answer your text messages?
Let your phone reply for you!
It can wait!
This best in class app KEEPS IT SIMPLE, light weight, easy to use!

In a movie? Driving? Just tired of people bothering you?
With Text(SMS) Auto Reply you will be able to answer all incoming text messages automatically with a custom reply message that you create.
Also featuring a timer that you can use so Text Answering Machine turns off automatically. Good for when you space that you had it on in the first place.
* Widget
* Auto response SMS shows up in conversations.
* Filters most text-bots
* Auto Text
SMS Text Auto Reply also responds when it’s closed.

Cache Cleaner + for Android

Posted by Harry On 9:01 PM

Cache Cleaner +

Cache Cleaner +
A simple and easy to use android application cache cleaning tool
Cache Cleaner+ is a simple and easy to use android application cache cleaning tool.
Whether your phone is running slower and slower, and more use of a battery;
Whether you are always running out of the internal phone storage, and you cant install the application you favored;

So, just try Cache Cleaner+ , this is newest and best cache cleaning tool on the market currently, which keep you phone cleaning and using more smoother.
Attention:for Andorid 4.0′s bug now, cache cant be 1-tap cleared in Android 4.0, we provide the assist feature to clear it .
# 1 Tap to clear all caches, release the internal phone storage
# Show the total number of applications generated cache and sum of cache size
# Show the current state of the internal phone storage
# A quick tour of all the application cache
# Various sorting capabilities, such as sorted by application name / cache size /cache date
# View application detail
# Launch the application
# Uninstall the application
# Cache size alerts
# No need of root privileges
Similar applications on the market including App Cache Cleaner, 1Tap Cleaner, 1-Tap Clean Cache ,1-click cleaner
# Better user experience:
1 the refresh and clean-up button of common using is on the top for easy operation
2 smart cache size reminder, no worried about lack of internal phone storage
# Higher performance:
1 faster display by pre-loaded mechanism
2 less system resources by smart cache detection mechanism
# User-friendly UI:
1 blue color scheme, visual comfort
2 simple layout, operate more convenient
1 What is the cache?
A: Cache is a mechanism of storing data in high-speed memory, speed up application’s reading and writing, which improve application performance.
2. Why should clear the cache?
In the android phone, cache files are stored in the phone internal memory (ROM), the phone internal memory is different from the SD card, you can think cache is computer memory and SD card is hard drive, one fast and another slow.
Because the internal phone storage capacity is fixed, if you don’t clear in time, the cache will be larger and larger, and finally running out of internal phone storage.
3 Will clear the application’s data while clear the cache?
A: The application’s data is different with cache, cache is temporary storage of files, used and no longer valid; but application’s data will be used later, such as games record and user information.
Clear the cache wont clear the application data, do not worry
Clear the cache wont clear the application of historical data too, such as search history, call records. If you need to clear the historical data, you can use our another application “History Cleaner+”

Android Memory Booster FREE for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:57 PM

Android Memory Booster FREE

Android Memory Booster FREE
The Android Memory Booster FREE can Double your Android’s Memory!
1-Click Memory Booster! Install this Android Memory Optimizer & double the available memory on any Android phone. Click MORE to learn more.

The Android Memory Booster FREE…frees up your critical CPU resources which reduces the drain on your systems memory, improving performance by up to 100%. Get a real Memory Boost!

MightyText – SMS from Computer

MightyText - SMS from Computer
Send/Receive SMS Text Messages from your Computer or Tablet using your Android #
- Text from your Computer, using your current Android phone number
- Messages stay fully in sync with your phone’s SMS
- Desktop Notifications on computer immediately when SMS hits phone
- 30 Seconds Setup Time.
- 100% Free (no additional charge from what your Carrier charges you)

2 Simple Steps:
(1) Install this Android App on your Phone
(2) On your Computer go to to start texting
*NOTE* – MightyText sends msgs via your phone, so your carrier WILL charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone. MightyText charges no additional fee (free SMS sync).
Coming soon: text messaging & export MMS to Google Drive (gdrive) & MMS backup & sync with Whatsapp (when Whatsapp makes an API available). SMS scheduler and SMS scheduling is coming soon as well. Send us your feedback about SMS scheduler functionality via Twitter or our Facebook page!

Root Uninstaller for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:14 PM

Root Uninstaller

Root Uninstaller
*** NEW: Hide app mode: Launch a frozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Pro only) ***
**** Please see What’s News for change logs****
Don’t like stock or system applications? It’s for you. This application can freeze pre-installed applications on your phone and more.

*** If your phone does not root, recommend to use my “Fast Uninstall and Installer” app ***
Very fast and simple uninstaller tool on single click for uninstalling both SYSTEM and REGULAR applications.
For ROOT+NAND unlocked devices
- Uninstall system applications
- Freeze or disable bloatware, stock and regular applications (keep updates)
- Defrost or enable applications (Free trial or PRO)
- Backup system application .apk to sdcard (that can reinstall later)
- Restore backed up applications
- Reset applications to fresh install state
- Delete definitively system applications
- Hide my App: launch a frozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Pro only, tap on Launch->Freeze button )
- Explore application data folder, code folder (ex. edit preferences, need AntTek File Explorer)
For NON-ROOT devices
- Quick APK list to show all available .APK files on SDCard
- Keep Market reference and can restore after factory reset/change devices
- Manage to clear data, cache (manually)
- Manage .apk files: delete, install, install as a system app (PRO)
- Single click to uninstall a listed applications (Batch uninstall).
- Rapid load application list
- Display application name, icon, package name
- Exclude system applications (that you can not uninstall)
- Filter by third-party applications, system applications, applications on sdcard. backup applications or frozen applications
- Support large screen (ex. tablet) views
- Explore application data folder, code folder (ex. edit preferences, need AntTek File Explorer)
Trial on Free version :
- Three times to defrost or restore apps for Free version
- Make sure you app is granted by SuperUser
- If you CANN’T freeze/defrost, try to enable USB Debugging (HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging)
- If you CANN’T restore backup app, try to “find apps on SD card” then long-press the app and select “install as system app”.
- This application uses SDCARD to store data
- PRO and FREE version are fully compatible

Google Analytics for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:01 PM

Google Analytics

Google Analytics-1Google Analytics-2
Essential data for your sites & apps. Anywhere, anytime.
The Google Analytics app shows what is new and what is important on your Google Analytics profiles. See real time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events on your phone.

Hi Launcher for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:57 PM

Hi Launcher

Hi Launcher-1Hi Launcher-2
All New UI, Unexpected Experience, Hi Launcher is getting a new design!
Hi Launcher is an Android Home replacement app with powerful functions. Boasting the first to adopt the zoning layout mode, and offering rich home themes, personalized editing and beautifying function, smooth operation as well as many other practical functions, Hi Launcher will sure bring you a brand-new experience.

1.Distinctive layout design brings unique visual experience
Widget area and icon area are independently laid out. A variety of widgets can be found in the widget area, including OneKey Clean Clock widget, user feedback widget, etc.; the icon area can be displayed in full screen or hidden depending on your choices that you make.
2.Practical and intelligent category management
Without adopting App Mate, Hi Launcher classifies apps automatically, enabling easier and more efficient search.
3.Rich and colorful themes
Hi Launcher offers stunning visual effects through its rich and colorful themes. A wide array of wallpapers and widget skins are available, making your mobile phone interface look more appealing. And partial interface is changeable and customizable, making your mobile phone more trendy and attractive.
4.Collective and unified shortcuts
Powerful OneKey shortcut design, shortcut tools, shortcut contacts, etc. You’ll enter a big world only with just a tap on the screen.
5.WYSIWYG icon customization
Users are allowed to change icons freely. The icon masks will even make every detail on your mobile phone desktop shine with personality and appeal!

Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer
Memory Booster – Android RAM Optimizer to Speed Up Your Smartphone!

*Happy Thanksgiving!
Memory Booster (Full Version) 50% discount sale!
Effective Date: Nov. 22 – Nov. 25, 2012*
Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone and tablet users. It is designed to tackle the difficult yet crucial problem of memory management for all Android devices. Memory Booster reclaims lost memory for your programs by defragmenting your smartphone’s memory and recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.
Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish
* Real-time Memory Status Report & Monitor
Memory Booster provides a live chart to demonstrate your device’s total/free memory and current memory usage.
* One-click Quick Memory Boosting
Besides automatic memory boosting, Memory Booster also allows you to manually boost your memory by Quick Boost.
More features in upgraded version:
* Setting Your Performance Target
With Auto Boost Threshold set, Memory Booster keeps your memory higher than desired level, and act immediately if memory drops down.
* Auto-boosting in the Background
With Auto Boost Interval, Memory Booster runs in the background and automatically reclaims memory for your Android at interval.
* Android system crash protection
Memory Booster always watches your system resources and cleans up system memory once it reaches a critical point.
* And there is more..
Other features include embedded Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Boost Level Manager & Memory Boost Log, which assist Memory Booster to perform more efficiently and friendly.

XDA-Developers for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:41 PM


XDA Mobile Application! Free! OMG!
The world famous XDA forums formatted for your Android phone! With this app you can browse the forums, read, post, send private messages, and more.
We now have a Premium app that removes the ads, plus offers new features.

GPS MAP SEARCH for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:31 PM


- Excellent search engine addresses of any city in the world.
- Lets also search by name tourist sites.
- Lets zoom in and zoom out.
- The searches are very fast.

iHandy Level Free for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:26 PM

iHandy Level Free

iHandy Level Free
The long-time #1 utility app in iPhone app store now comes to Android market!
iHandy Level (one of the 5 tools in iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free! Take this chance to download!
This might be the most beautiful and accurate level you can get in hand.
Unlike some other levels in Android Market, this one is fully functional with calibration capability. It’s accurate after calibrated.

iHandy Carpenter is on sale now, you are able to get all the 5 tools in one app today at discounted price!
Check it out!
Because the sensor inside every individual device could be built slightly differently, to make the level more accurate for your device, you need to calibrate before use.
To calibrate:
1. Find a flat surface.
2. Hold your device upright , put the bottom edge of the device on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button (the one with a target image on it) to calibrate the portrait mode.
3. Turn your device 90 degree clockwise , again keep it upright, and put the current bottom edge (long edge) on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button to calibrate the landscape mode.
4. Put the back of the device against the surface, then press Calibration button to calibrate the face-up mode
5. You are ready to go!

UPS Mobile for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:15 PM

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile
Track, ship, find locations, obtain rate quotes and use My Choice.
UPS Mobile lets you manage your shipments with features for tracking, locations, and rate quotes without logging in. With a My UPS ID, you can ship, nickname shipments and take advantage of My Choice features for inbound shipments. If you need an ID, visit

Norton Security Antivirus for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:00 PM

Norton Security Antivirus

Norton Security Antivirus-1Norton Security Antivirus-2
Norton Mobile Security Lite with antivirus protects your Android phones and tablets from theft, malware and viruses. Remotely locate your lost or stolen device. Scan your new apps, SD cards, new downloads, and app updates for malware and viruses. Easily control the protection for all your devices through one website.

• Find your lost phone or tablet on a map with remote locate
• Protect multiple Android phones and tablets
• Lock your device via SMS text command
• Control security for all your devices through one website
• Scan and remove apps and app updates that have the potential to harm or slow down your device
• Scan SD cards for threats when they’re plugged into your device
• Spot new threats faster with collective information volunteered by millions of Norton users
The full version of Norton Mobile Security offers more protection from theft, malware, viruses, and mobile spam. Remotely lock and erase your stolen device if necessary, to ensure your private information stays that way. Back up your important contacts and easily restore them across your devices.
Upgrade to the full version of Norton Mobile Security for $29.99:
• Lock or wipe your stolen device remotely to prevent data theft
• Remotely wipe information from your device to protect your privacy
• Trigger a “scream” alarm to quickly find your missing device
• Send a customized message to anyone who finds your missing device
• Block unwanted calls and SMS text messages
• Sync contacts and easily restore or share them across your devices
• Prevent fraudulent (phishing) websites from accessing your personal information
• Ability to instantly lock your phone if the SIM card is removed
* Scream Alarm feature not available in Germany and Korea.
For feedback and suggestions, please visit the support forum:
For a detailed list of features, please visit:
The global adoption of mobile computing has increased the privacy challenges and security risks for businesses and consumers. Mobile devices are sophisticated computers susceptible to viruses, malware attacks and emerging online threats.
Hackers and identity thieves can steal your personal data and disrupt the operation of your mobile phone. Install a mobile security app with anti-virus and malware protection to identify security exploits and thwart malicious activity.
A mobile security app can detect and remove threats such as viruses, malware, Trojan Horse, adware, and spyware. Methods employed include heuristics to counter zero-day threats, for which there is no known malware signature.
Founded in 1982, Symantec has more than 20,500 employees in more than 50 countries. We are the global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions. In an information-driven world, consumers, small businesses, and large global organizations rely on Symantec to secure and manage their data.
Norton is our flagship brand for Antivirus, Malware, and Mobile Security Protection. Our family of apps provides solutions to your everyday mobile security needs. With over 23 years of experience, trust Norton to keep your personal data safe.
For maximum protection, install Norton Mobile Utilities Lite. Accelerate your Android for peak performance. Extend battery life and remove apps that slow down your device.
Symantec respects your privacy and promises to carefully safeguard your personal data.
For more information:

GPS Essentials for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:53 PM

GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials-1GPS Essentials-2
The most complete GPS tool on market: Navigate, manage waypoints, tracks, routes, build your own dashboard from 45 widgets.

Shows navigation values such as: Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Battery, Bearing, Climb, Course, Date, Declination, Distance, ETA, Latitude, Longitude, Max Speed, Min Speed, Actual Speed, True Speed, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonset, Moonrise, Moon Phase, Target, Time, TTG, Turn.
Show the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field, shows an arbitrary tracking angle and the current target. Also a marine orienteering compass.
Record tracks and view them on map. Export KML files and import into Google Maps, Google Earth and others.
Manage routes and view them on map. Import KML files from Google Maps, Google Earth and others. Create turn-by-turn instructions between waypoints.
A camera HUD (heads-up display) view to show your waypoints, take pictures and share them.
A map to show your waypoints. Convert mail addresses of your contacts to waypoint so that they can be used within the app.
Supports Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap and others.
A list of all your waypoints with export and import (KML and GPX format).
A sky view of the current positions that shows satellites in view.
Supported position formats: UTM, MGRS, OSGB, Degree-Minute-Second, Degree-Minute-Fractions, Decimal, Mils. Supports over 230 datums.
Waypoints, routes and tracks can be exported as KML or GPX files and sent by email or uploaded to Google Docs or DropBox.
Please open the web page below for more info, send me emails for support. I CANNOT HELP IF YOU SIMPLY PLACE A COMMENT HERE.
Purchase the “GPS Essentials Donation Plugin” on Android Market if you want to support development.
The latest beta release is available at for download. Try out the latest features and help us improve GPS Essentials!
If you are on Facebook, come and join GPS Essentials for the latest info:
GPS Essentials is not affiliated with any political party nor with any other organization mentioned in the ads, and it has no connection with any economic interests. If you don’t like the ads, please contact AdMob.
- Coarse/Fine location: To access network locations and GPS
- Full internet access: To read map tiles, send bug reports
- Modify/delete USB storage contents: To write waypoints, tracks and images onto the SD card
- Read phone state and identity: To tag pictures with the device ID (can be switched off in settings)
- Take pictures and videos: Camera HUD, take pictures

WEB.DE Mail for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:34 PM


WEB.DE Mail-1WEB.DE Mail-2
Just enter your user information only, and you have all your emails and contacts WEB.DE always mobile while.
- Optimized for WEB.DE Mail
- Ease of Use
- Mobile access to your address book WEB.DE

Have fun with the mail app WEB.DE wishes
Your WEB.DE team


Contact us: