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Friday, June 7, 2013

TweetDeck for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:35 PM


TweetDeck is your social browser for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.
TweetDeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. TweetDeck makes it easy to stay up to date and organized no matter where you are.
(A Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Buzz account is required)

HeyTell for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:32 PM


HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger & walkie talkie that allows you to instantly talk with friends & family who use Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 devices with the press of a single button.

* Voice messages are quicker than SMS—and free!
* *Very* low data usage, no more than sending an email
* Works on any Internet connection!
* Superior audio quality: *twice* the frequency range of a cell phone call!
* EXTRAS! Check out the Voice Changer or create 25-way chat with Groups! Extras make HeyTell ad-free!
* Notifications alert whenever a message is received if you enable the Background Service via Menu > Settings > Background Service
? TIP: If you’re on wifi & want to avoid late notifications, be sure to set your Wifi Sleep Policy to Never: Menu >Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings > Menu > Advanced > Wi-Fi sleep policy > Never.
* Quickly Friend/Unfriend/Block. Adding contacts as friends ensures that you can always quickly find them by tapping the To: field and tapping “Friends.”
* Choose from 3 different privacy levels to control how users can contact you without an invite:
- Low privacy: All Facebook friends can HeyTell you. Any of your Twitter followers can HeyTell you. People who know your phone number or email address can HeyTell you.
- Medium privacy: All Facebook friends can HeyTell you. All Twitter friends can talk to you. Friends of your HeyTell friends who know your phone number or email address can HeyTell you.
- High privacy: No one can contact you unless you contact them first or unless you accept their Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS invite.
* Optionally, share your location with selected contacts while you talk
- TIP: To send your location information to a contact, you must have the MAPS page open (tap TARGET button) when you send the HeyTell message. For privacy reasons, HeyTell does not send location unless you approve & have Maps open.
- Conversations can be saved & replayed offline, or deleted
- TIP: Long-press on conversations & individual messages to access extended View, Delete, and Export options.
* All data and audio you transmit to HeyTell and your friends is encrypted in transit
* Earpiece and speakerphone functionality: Press the Speaker button to toggle between earpiece and speaker mode (If you find earpiece sound is too low, enable the speaker)
* You do NOT need to share personal information to connect with HeyTell contacts & have full control of your personal info. See and for more information about connecting without sharing phone numbers or email addresses!
- TIP: Back up your account so that you do not have to re-add friends when you change phones or update ROMs. To do this, exit HeyTell and enable the Backup options accessed via Menu > Settings > Privacy or Backup & Sync.
- TIP: If you can send messages to friends, but you are not receiving them, ask your friends to respond directly to you by tapping the active conversation. It is likely that the contact information they’re using to find you doesn’t match what you set for yourself and/or your privacy is higher. However, directly responding to the conversation should always work! :)
- TIP: IF YOU GET AN “INBOX FULL” message, there’s no need to delete the app or messages: This just means that your friend has to listen or reply to the messages you sent before you can continue to send them messages. Once they listen or respond, you can keep on talking!
NOTE THAT CARRIERS MAY CHARGE YOU & YOUR RECIPIENT FOR SMS INVITES, but they’re not required–email invites and direct connections to other HeyTell users using phone, email, Twitter, & Facebook are free!

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:31 PM

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free
A tilt-based labyrinth game featuring realistic physics, 3D graphics and more!
Check out our newest game, Four Days: World Defense! It’s a free tower defense game with awesome 3D graphics!

aTilt is a labyrinth maze game with an emphasis on realistic physics, 3D graphics, and a top-notch gaming experience. Roll your way past walls, holes, and rotating pieces in order to move the ball into the goal. aTilt includes 258 levels, and you can create and share your own levels online! And with OpenFeint support for high scores and achievements, there’s always something to new to do!
This version of aTilt is fully functional and supported by ads.

Turbo GPS 2 for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:26 PM

Turbo GPS 2

Turbo GPS 2
The known all-in-one GPS for android, now in version 2.
IF IT DOES NOT RUN IN YOUR PHONE: Mail me. We ‘ll fix :)

LANGUAGES: English, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic and Polish.
* Improved graphics
* Augmented Reality for waypoints
* NMEA TCP Server
* Track categories
* Waypoint categories
* Better compass and direction systems
* Supports map rotation
* Supports Google Directions, Google Geocoding and Google Elevation requests
* Debugging GPS functions and Simulation track mode
* Tracks/Waypoints (compatible with Turbo GPS 1)
* Unlimited waypoints, tracks, sensors, satellites
* Import from LOC,GPX,KML
* Export to LOC,GPX,KML,KMZ
* Google maps
* NMEA TCP Server
* OpenStreet maps
* TGPS maps
* DropBox Support
* Custom GPS provider support (including Bluetooth external GPS)
* Can download directions from Google Maps
* Internet Pursuit. Requires a response format of x y z (space separated), for example 25.95 23.05 13
* Internet tracking, posts current position to a PHP script.
* GREEK GR87  Grid.
If you have any issues, please contact me. If you first leave negative star rating and then you contact me, you will be simply ignored.

SystemPanel Lite Task Manager for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:21 PM

SystemPanel Lite Task Manager

SystemPanelLite Task Manager
SystemPanel features a task manager and system monitor.
SystemPanel Lite integrates a task manager, system monitor, and detailed device information.
No ads.

Full version ($2.99) adds app manager (installer/uninstaller with multi-version APK archival), and long-term application resource monitor to solve app-related battery life problems.
See website for more info screenshots.
– Frequently Asked Questions –
Why does CPU #2 appear “grayed out” on my dual-core device?
- A grayed out second CPU indicator indicates the second core is asleep to save battery. This is generally a good thing, it will turn back on when needed.
Why does it require the ______ permission?
- SystemPanel does require a fair number of permissions in order to be able to perform all of its duties. This product DOES NOT send ANY information from your device over the Internet to ANYONE. It requires the “Internet access” and “telephony/read phone state” permissions only to monitor and display the device’s network connectivity state. A full description of why each permission is required can be found in the SystemPanel FAQ on our web site.
Does SystemPanel Lite consume battery?
- SystemPanel Lite does not run in the background in any capacity. The full version includes an optional “monitoring service” which uses about one minute of CPU time per day to record the CPU usage of other applications (though it is disabled by default). This feature is not found in the Lite version though.
Does SystemPanel automatically kill tasks in the background?
- No, SystemPanel is not an automatic task killer. It has been well-established (by the Android documentation and direct communication with the Android engineers) that randomly or periodically terminating arbitrary tasks in the interest of saving memory will NOT yield a benefit in performance or battery life. The only benefit you will see from an automatic task killer is if it happens to terminate misbehaving apps. The full version of SystemPanel provides a better solution to this problem by showing you which apps are consuming CPU in the background (over time) with the “System Monitor” feature. It is then recommended that such applications be reconfigured or uninstalled (or perhaps corrected by filing a bug with the offending application’s author).

Private SMS & Call for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:11 PM

Private SMS & Call

Private SMS & call
Hide your private conversations.
SPC features:
1. Blacklist that block sms and block calls as firewall
2. Private Conversation that move sms call to a private place
3. Customizable filters for more block or private request

Software Data Cable for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:08 PM

Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable
Sync files with PC and other phones/tablets without cable (WIFI direct push).
It’s fast, free, secure and NO impact to mobile data plan!??

- Synchronize files (or folders) with computer (with or WITHOUT external WIFI network)
- Synchronize files, folders or your Apps with other phones (or tablets)
- Discard the USB data cable, transfer files without cable, without mobile network – anytime, anywhere
- Local WIFI direct transfer, save your mobile data plan
- Transfer speed up to 40Mb/s
So what are the benefits to this?
- the fewer cables to carry the better
- the computer doesn’t need to have drivers it does need installed
- push photos, music, videos, Apps etc. to other phones/tablets/TV anytime, anywhere (and no impact to mobile data plan)
- super invitation feature helps sending this App to friends without mobile network
- and much more…

Job Search for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:03 PM

Job Search

Job Search
Search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites.

Find jobs from your Android phone with, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs. In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of vacancies from thousands of company websites, recruitment agencies and job boards in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.
* View new jobs since your last visit (click New at top of results)
* Save or email jobs
* Save and delete searches

Installer for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:01 PM


Full featured installer with tiny size, user friendly design and high performance. Scan and install market and non-market apps easily from your SD card.

* Install and delete applications from SD card.
* Auto-scan all APK files from SD card. Use built-in cache mechanism to improve performance, avoid scan over and over again.
* Support batch mode for multiple install and delete.
* Show full application information including name, version, path, size and date.
* Instantly search applications by name.
* Share application to friends through multiple ways such as Gmail, Bluetooth, etc.
* Search application information directly from android market.
* Full android version compatible since 1.5+.
Usage Guide:
This application is very straight forward. For first launch it will search all APK files which stored on your SD card and display them for you to install. For other launches it will load application information automatically from cache to save plenty of time. Click refresh button in option menu to rebuild the cache if SD card content changed when necessary.

PocketCloud Remote RDP – VNC for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:56 PM

PocketCloud Remote RDP – VNC

PocketCloud Remote RDP  VNC
Remote desktop access to Windows and Mac OS from your Android device.
Access files and run applications on remote Windows or Mac computers from anywhere on the planet.

With Wyse Technology’s business-class remote access and virtualization experience, you’ll enjoy unsurpassed connectivity options, security and reliability, and fast performance not only on WiFi but on 3G/4G networks too! This experience in doing things remotely, in the cloud, and allowing users to access crucial data on the go is why PCWorld named PocketCloud the best mobile cloud app for Android tablets.
So leave your laptop behind and don’t be concerned with copying files you need from your desktop. Access them all with PocketCloud—make an important presentation, grab a forgotten report, help a friend with a computer problem, or edit and email a spreadsheet while traveling as light as possible.
Two Easy Setup Options:
I) Auto Discovery (Recommended): Hassle-free access to your desktops with minimal setup and no technical know-how. Simply install PocketCloud on your Android device and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
II) Advanced Setup: PocketCloud can also connect directly to machines running RDP or VNC. Simply enter the IP address or hostname to connect.
PocketCloud standard features:
- Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet support
- Three connection options:
- RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
- VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
- Auto Discovery (through your Google account)
- Intuitive User Interface
- Multitasking
- Touch Pointer: high accuracy screen control
- Keyboard auto-activation
- Custom keyboards with shortcuts
- Limited to 1 computer
Upgrade to PocketCloud Pro to add:
- Connect to multiple computers
- RDP 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption
- Auto-fit and extended resolutions for RDP
- VMWare View support
- 3rd party app integration (URL scheme)
- RDP File Redirection
- Microsoft RD Gateway

PrinterShare Mobile Print for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:53 PM

PrinterShare Mobile Print

PrinterShare Mobile Print
Print documents, gmail, photos, contacts, sms/mms and more directly from device!
Wirelessly print documents (MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint; PDF and text files) from device memory, SD card and even from Google Docs!

Instantly print emails from Gmail, photos, contacts, agenda, sms/mms, call log, web pages and other digital content directly from your device to a printer right next to you or anywhere in the world!
For unlimited printing you need to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key, which is a separate small application that simply needs to be on the device to unlock Premium Features. Prior to buying the key we highly recommend printing the test page to ensure compatibility with your printer.
Premium Features:
* Nearby direct printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB without PC;
* Nearby printing to Windows shared (SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers;
* Unlimited Remote printing. The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buy pages or subscribe.
Please note:
1) PrinterShare supports Google Cloud Print at no extra-charge. Google Cloud Print requires latest version of Chrome browser on your computer. For more setup instructions please read
2) If something isn’t working as expected, send us email to Posting comments about it does not help anyone, and we can’t respond.
PrinterShare are supporting a wide variety of HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung and other printers including legacy networkable.

App Locker II Fake Crash for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:51 PM

App Locker II Fake Crash

App Locker II Fake CrashApp Locker II Fake Crash-1
Best app locker protect your private app by fake crash.
- What’s the best app protector?
Strong password? Of course NOT. The best proector would let prier not be aware of any protection. App Locker II is one such protector to protect your private apps.

- How it works?
When launching a protected app, it will throw a fake crash error which may mislead guest user into thinking that your app has a glitch or something. So it can stop guest from using your protected app in a natural manner.
For owner, it provides several secret unlock methods to unlock it without a trace. Of course, it also provides a password protection with a secret input method.

Network Info Widget for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:48 PM

Network Info Widget

Network Info Widget
Widget displays network and system info.
Widget displays the network status, network type (EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, etc. **), operator code, operator name, LAC, CID, signal strength.

Widget sizes – 4×1, 2×1, 1×1.
More features available in PRO version:
- Network type notification;
- Signal strength notification;
- Text customization;
- Color customization;
- Using custom tags for display additional values, such as LTE signal strength.
Tags for text customization:
$$NWOPN$ Network operator name
$$NWOP$ Network operator MCC+MNC
$$LAC$ Location Area Code
$$CID$ Cell ID
$$PHTP$ Phone Type
$$NWTP$     NetworkType
$$SSDBM$    Signal Strength (dBm)
$$CDMASID$    CDMA System ID of the current cell site
$$CDMANID$    CDMA Network ID of the current cell site
$$CDMABID$    CDMA Base Station ID of the current cell site
$$ESS:N$    Extra values.
$$MEMF$     Memory Free
$$STOT$     Storage Total
$$STOF$     Storage Free
$$SDCT$     SD Card Total
$$SDCF$     SD Card Free
$$BATP$     Battery Percentage
$$BATV$     Battery Voltage
$$TEMPC$    Temperature (Celsius)
$$TEMPF$    Temperature (Fahrenheit)
$$CDMADBM$    CDMA RSSI value in dBm
$$CDMAEI$    CDMA Ec/Io value in dB*10
$$EVDODBM$    EVDO RSSI value in dBm
$$EVDOEI$    EVDO Ec/Io value in dB*10
$$EVDOSNR$    EVDO signal to noise ratio.
$$GSMER$    GSM error rate (0-7)
For more info see online help and widget config.
Note: Some Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note have screwed API and returns unknown signal strength.
If you have no working well signal diagram, you don’t need to upgrade application to pro version.
** Supported network types: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA, EVDO 0, EVDO A, 1xRTT , HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, IDEN, EVDO B, EHRPD, HSPA+.

Task List for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:46 PM

Task List

Taskos To Do List - Task List
Get organized easily with Taskos to do list.
Free, simple & intuitive to do list for android. Now you can add tasks by speaking to your mobile device. With Taskos to you can add, edit or delete tasks, share them with your friends, write notes, set alerts and even make calls!

New features : Share task via Email or SMS, Full Google task sync (multiple lists, multiple accounts, OATH, home screen widget, customized categories, improved sorting, swipe completed tasks, shake to remove tasks, auto-complete, quick edit of tasks information and more!
A top android to do list that actually helps you get your things done.
Key Features:
- Speech to text
- Sync to Google Tasks / gTask / gTasks / google apps
- Home screen widgets (4X4, 4X1)
- Share tasks with your friends via Email or SMS
- Quick edit of tasks (Priority, Category, Due date, Share and more)
- Swipe to mark as complete
- Customized categories
- Alerts
- Notes
- Repeatable tasks
- Integration with your Facebook friends, Gmail contacts, Dropbox, Twitter followers, whatsapp or beluga friends.
* Coming versions will sync to: Todo list, Todo, Task List, Remember the milk, gTasks, RTM, Producteev, Springpad, Catch, ColorNote Notepad Notes, Google Calendar, Astrid, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and more…

Intel TelePort Extender for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:37 PM

Intel TelePort Extender

Intel TelePort Extender
Intel® TelePort Extender app brings your PC and (Android*) smartphone together for a better experience with both.(1) Using a secure home WiFi connection, you can text or chat with the added convenience of your PC’s larger screen and keyboard. You’ll also get caller ID, forwarding to voicemail, and access to your phone contact list right on your PC.
So don’t miss a thing. With Intel® TelePort Extender, keep texting and caller information right at hand even when your smartphone’s not. [Another way Intel is helping you connect simply and seamlessly with the devices and information that matter most to you. Because when all your devices speak the same language, you can communicate better.] Features
• Better. Use your PC keyboard and screen for easier SMS text messaging and save copies for later reference.
• Convenient. See incoming calls and redirect to voicemail even when your phone is not right at hand.
• Secure. With an encrypted connection, your texting, caller and contact info are kept safe and private.
• Flexible. Connect many phones to one PC or many PCs to one phone.
Things to know
• SMS/text and Phone call history is read from the phone and not stored on PC. If you change phones, new SMS will be read from the new phone and you may not see messages from the old phone
• MMS message display on PC from phone is not supported at this time
• Global search function searches the last SMS on the phone and shows upto 200 search matches from the SMS stored on the phone
• Contact list are maintained on the phone and not edited by the TelePort Extender app. The app allows editing of the SMS/text number to enable correcting international codes, but it will not make changes to phone contacts
• Text messages or phone call alerts from any WiFi or VoIP app, other than native phone SMS/text and phone application will not be displayed on the phone
• When the mute option is clicked on a phone call notification window, the PC app will invoke the “reject call” function on the phone. Based on your phone settings, the call may be diverted to voice mail or muted or disconnected. Please adjust your phone settings to change this behavior as needed
• You can pair multiple phones to a PC, but SMS/text and phone call alerts from only one phone are displayed on the PC at a given time. When you select a PC name to connect to from the TelePort Extender app on the phone, SMS/txt messages and phone alerts from that phone will be sent to that PC.

MapQuest for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:34 PM


FREE voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation app for Android
• Absolutely FREE – There’s no trial period, subscription, or upgrade necessary.  You get all these capabilities absolutely free!

• Voice-Guided/Turn-by-Turn Navigation – Your phone speaks to you, telling you when to make a turn.
• Voice Search – Speak your destination or your search, for hands-free input.
• Place Map Toolbar – Look for restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. with one 1-click.
• Auto Re-route – If you take a wrong turn, it will your route will be automatically adjusted your route to get you to your destination.
• Walking & Driving Directions – Choose to walk or drive and we’ll give you the best route either way.
• Live Traffic Flow/Incidents – Extensive coverage that’s updated every 5 minutes, to help – to keep you on time.
• Map Rotates in Orientation of Travel – So your map is easier to read (with ability the option to lock to north up).
• Save any location as a Favorite from the Details screen for easy access later.
• Touch-points – Long-press anywhere on the map to get a point you can route to.
• Gas Prices – See current gas prices for stations.
• Satellite Maps, CitySearch Reviews, and more!
• OpenStreetMap (OSM) Map Setting – User-sourced maps can provide unique local perspective and detail.
• Bug Logging for OSM – Standing in front of a new building? Report it to the community and they’ll fill in the missing pieces.
• Bug Logging for OSM – Identify trouble spots in the data for an enthusiast to update, improving the maps.
• International Maps – Automatic OSM maps for international users, so you can– allows users to take MapQuest abroad.

TeleNav GPS Navigator for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:32 PM

TeleNav GPS Navigator

TeleNav GPS Navigator
Get voice-guided GPS, maps, business listings and real-time traffic updates now!
Keep TeleNav GPS Navigator at your side all day to help you find new places, get to those places, and have a better experience at every step along the way. It’s faster, simpler, and gives you everything you need to get where you’re going in one convenient mobile app.

• Multi-Routes: Choose from up to three suggested routes to your destination based on traffic, distance and estimated drive times.
• Quick Search: Search over 22 millions of places and get user-generated ratings and reviews so you know what to do when you get there.
• Live Traffic: Save yourself time with live traffic updates that automatically reroutes you around traffic jams or road congestion.
• Voice Commands: Stay safe and keep your hands on the wheel with voice-activated commands.
TeleNav GPS Navigator is more than just GPS. Find out where you want to go, how to get there quickly, and what to do when you get there.
Find millions of places in an instant. Just tell it what you’re looking for. Or use auto fill to type in search requests faster. Browse movies, restaurant reviews and find the nearest ATMs and lowest-priced gas nearby. Call any business with a single tap of the finger. Get ratings and reviews for almost every place in town. You won’t believe how easy it can be to get so much information so quickly.
You’ll also get to any location faster. Choose from up to three suggested ways to your destination based on traffic, distance and estimated drive time. Know what the traffic is like and get instant alerts when new traffic jams pop up. Then reroute around them, or don’t. It’s all up to you. It’s like having your own personal traffic helicopter.
So there you have it. Quick. Easy. And all in one integrated application that talks to you with a real, pleasant human voice. TeleNav GPS Navigator. We’re taking search and navigation to a whole new level. Download today for FREE! Not compatible with tablets.

SmartMouse for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:28 PM


SmartMouse turns your mobile to a wireless mouse, a multi-touch magic pad, a flash drive, a remote Desktop client, a presentation pen, a file transfer station and many more, a true multifunctional PC remote control.
Step 1: Install SmartMouse app on your mobile.
Step 2: Install SmartMouse Windows server on your PC;
(To download:
Step 3: Sit back, relax and enjoy the freedom brought to you by SmartMouse

Feedback (All comments are welcome)
Introducing the revolutionary SmartMouse, a new way to control and interact with your PCs.
No matter what you want to do: to impress your clients during presentations, to watch films or listen musics from a PC while lying in a sofa, or to browse the internet while sitting back in chair, with the help from SmartMouse, you can managethem all by simple natural finger gestures on your mobile. SmartMouse liberate you from yourdesktop. MS office, media player, IM, VoIP, video chat, photo viewer, etc., all within the control from your remote your finger tips. What’s even better, it is completely FREE!
SmartMouse consists of two parts: a server part needs to be installed on your PC and a client app on your mobile. SmartMouse server is FREE to download from the official website:
SmartMouse uses wireless technology, saving the hassle to deal with annoying cables. Set up a connection is effortless,while both the SmartMouseserver and mobile app are running, mobile can automatically detect available PCs, with a few clicks, you can access and control your PC easily using WiFi, MiFi or Bluetooth connections.
SmartMouse supports multi-point finger gestures. A full set of gestures let your fingers do the clicking, scrolling, swiping and pinching on screen of a smart phone. Also, SmartMouse supports live screen capture of computer, let you take control of your computer outside your view.
SmartMouse doesn’t stop there, it also works as a File Transfer Station. Files and data between mobile and PC can be easily shared and transferred. SmartMouse can also be served as a Task Manager, it has many shortcut functions for computer, such as shutdown PC, show Desktop,mute / unmute …
1. Smart recognition of PC programs, natural handy gestures for presentations(.PPT ), internet browsing (IE, Chrome, Firefox).
2. Wireless file transfer between mobile and PC, get rid of the need for a USB data cable.
3. View and access recent docs, files, musics, videos and browsing records in PC.
4. Password and Privacy settings, provide you with peace of mind.
Highlights :
View live screen capture and PPT notes while facing audience, better than expensive presentation pens.
Share one computer screen with multiple mobile users and control multiple PCs using one handset.
Support multi-touch finger gestures on mobile screen: tap to click or double click; two-fingerswipe to scroll; pinch to zoom; two-finger tap for right click, double tap and hold to move window or scroll bar and to select files and text.

Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:17 PM

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx MeetingsCisco WebEx Meetings-1
Tap into a WebEx meeting, wherever you are, with WebEx Meetings for Android!
Take your Web meetings anywhere.
It’s easy to stay connected to important meetings, wherever you are.

With Cisco WebEx, you can join any web conference right from your Android tablet or smartphone.
Cisco WebEx for Android works with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco WebEx Meetings to deliver mobile web conferencing, audio, and high quality video. Meet anywhere, with anyone, and get more done. Join, Start or Schedule Cisco WebEx Meetings from your Android device.
Learn more at
Experience Cisco WebEx High Quality 2-way video on Android Tablets, such as the Nexus 7 from Google, by viewing the video feeds of the participants in the web conference and streaming your own video back to them. Use video for better engagement: Whether you’re holding a brainstorming session or making a presentation, turning your online meeting into a virtual video conference helps everyone focus on every word. The two-way streaming video on Android Tablets delivers an unparalleled visual experience on the go.
Getting face-to-face has never been easier!
Mobile video conferencing with:
•High-quality, multipoint video
•2-way video with camera switcher
•Voice-activated video switching
•Full-screen video
•View content and video simultaneously
Host account capabilities, including:
•Schedule, start, and cancel a meeting
•Invite others to a meeting
•Pass presenter capabilities to another participant
Meeting Capabilities:
•Join via Cisco WebEx meeting email invite, meeting number, Cisco WebEx site URL, or My Meetings List
•Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G
•Full-screen meeting view
•View attendee list
•View shared content with annotations
•Pinch to zoom and scan
•Private or group chat
Global and Enterprise Ready:
•You can now sign in to Cisco WebEx via your corporate account (for sites with Single Sign-On, or SSO, enabled)
•End-to-end encryption support
•Available in 13 languages
What’s New in this version:
•Fixed issues impacting the ability to join meetings on some devices
•2-way video for more supported tablets, such as the Nexus 7
•End-to-end encryption support
•Support for Cisco WebEx VoIP-only meeting sites
•Various other performance and usability improvements

Pearly White TW ADW for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:11 PM

Pearly White TW ADW

Pearly White TW ADW
This is an ADWTheme theme that will give your android phone a fresh new look. This is the blue version of the pearly white series. If you like the theme please buy the donate version :)

90+ themed icons
icon pack with 60+ icons
note: this them only works with AB sizes 1-7.

Xperia Z Live Wallpaper for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:09 PM

Xperia Z Live Wallpaper

Xperia Z Live Wallpaper-1
Xperia Z Live Wallpaper, inspired by new Sony Xperia Z device background with floating particles.
To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
To develop more free great live wallpapers, we have implemented some ads in settings.
Advertisement can support our develop more free great live wallpapers.

This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, HTC Desire S and Sony Xperia S. Please contact us if your device is not supported.
Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.
Xperia is a trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB.
This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Sony

Smart Taskbar for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:39 PM

Smart Taskbar

Smart TaskbarSmart Taskbar-2
One click access to any app. Perfect multitasking experience.
Launch any application instantly. Swipe your finger or click icon anytime in any App to bring up a mini sidebar for super fast app launching also works as app organizer, folder organizer, multi tasker, task killer, and shortcut manager.

If you want to use your phone one handed with complete touch experience, you find Android system takes too many steps to complete one simple job, or you need a faster way to get things organized, get Smart Taskbar to make your life easier.
Smart Taskbar is the first and origin of all similar app in this class. It is the most customizable and more complete in features. In addition, compare to others, Smart Taskbar requires way less steps, finger touch, to do what you want to do.
Language available in: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
*Build custom action (Need Pro)
Smart Taskbar doesn’t just launch your installed APP, but also builds any combination of action such as direct phone call to someone or go to your bookmark for super fast without leaving your current window.
*Super fast launcher
Smart Taskbar is exceptionally designed to use your phone’s CPU efficiently. The result is a super smooth and fast switching experience.
*5 quick launch spots (10 Spots in Pro Version)
Store your favorite apps or shortcut in any of the five spots for 2 steps instant access.
*Multi Tasker (multitasking)
Navigate to TASK label to see recent/running app in no time.
*Task killer (need pro)
Smart Taskbar also does task killer function to a more direct and intuitive level. Just click on any of the running app and it will be stopped instantly.
*App organizer
Your phone is packed with hundred of APPS? Use Smart Taskbar to create label to group them by function/usage/location.. whatever you like.
Smart Taskbar takes widget support differently. Instead of showing your widget to Home screen, you use widget in Smart Taskbar just like launching a regular App. It is very convenient if you have too many widgets to show or you want higer security by not letting people easily see your social widgets at Home screen.
*Quick uninstaller
Quickly uninstall any installed app with just one finger click. No more walk through native Android settign trees for just a simple app uninstall action.
*Quick App setting management
One click to go to App info page for, super fast clear cache, clear data, force stop, and uninstall.
*Changeable Theme
Smart Taskbar now supports custom theme. Currently there are two built in themes to choose from (Default and Honeycomb style)

FreePP Free Call & Free MMS for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:34 PM

FreePP Free Call & Free MMS

FreePP  Free Call & Free MMSFreePP  Free Call & Free MMS-1
FreePP is a free VoIP and multimedia SMS application that works across all platforms. You can enjoy FreePP on your Android phone and any other smartphones and tablets with any OS.

Wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the internet through WiFi or 3G, you can have one to one/one to many free voice calls, free texts, free picture sharing and messages with FreePP users around the globe.
Four main functions of FreePP:
1. Voice call: excellent voice quality that makes you feel like chitchatting with friends who sit right next to you!
2. Multimedia message: With FreePP, real time sharing is just within a click! It’s fun and convenient. You can send texts, emoticons, pictures, voice messages, and other files to your FreePP contacts.
3. Many to Many group chat: FreePP enables a friendly group chat environment. Now you and your friends around the world can easily share lives through texts, voice messages and pictures.
4. File sending support: FreePP android version supported send for files, music, movies and many other types of files that transferred freely between Android phone! It’s make you convenient to work, share and play anywhere.
Four main features of FreePP:
1. Free Services: Once you and your contact are both on FreePP, all your calls, texts, and multimedia messages will be free! International calls or calls across different devices/platforms would no longer be a trouble! They are still free. However, if you are calling someone who is not a FreePP user, you will be charged by local operators.
2. No missed messages: FreePP remains active even when you are not using it. You would never miss a single call or message. When your phones are turned off, notifications will arrive when you turn them on.
3. Security matters: FreePP is a real name social tool that’s based on your contact list. Users do not have to worry about unnecessary friending invitations from strangers or spam messages. On top of that, FreePP is a high secured voice tool. Your calls will not be phone hacked.
4. User friendly: FreePP requires no registration, logging-in, or memorizing your password. All you have to do is validify your phone number. You don’t even have to enter passwords everytime you activate FreePP. FreePP is integrated and synced with your contact list. You will find it easy to check out who’s your FreePP friends in your contact list.

AireTalk – Free Call for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:27 PM

AireTalk – Free Call

Aire: Free Call, Instant Messaging and Multimedia Sharing
Aire is a new communication app loaded with features that lets you talk to your friends and family in more ways than ever! Use Aire to make calls to any Aire user with voice or video for free! Aire has high quality digital peer 2 peer voice calling to make sure that you can hear the person you’re talking to with more clarity than a regular phone. Aire also gives you more features than any other communication app with voice messaging, sms, mms, group messaging, and walkie talkie! Aire also lets you transfer files and pictures to your friends, and locate your friends and family through GPS.

* VOICE CALLS: High quality crisp sounding digital voice over IP calls. Don’t let your minutes keep you from talking to the important people in your life! (Volume Amplification included)
* Aire CONTROL PANEL: Simplicity first. Aire makes it easy for you to communicate the way YOU want to. Send a text? Make a call? Leave a voice message? Send a file? You can do it all by clicking on your contacts name.
*VIDEO CALLS: Enjoy seeing your friends and family easily with Aire Video Call. Talk face to face with front or rear facing camera. Video chat is high quality AND uses less than half of the leading competitor’s bandwidth! See the difference today!
* TEXT/VOICE MESSAGES: Type a message or leave a voice message! Aire gives you multiple options to chat with friends so that you can get in touch with who you need to conveniently and FAST.
* WALKIE TALKIE: Click to chat quick and easy with Aire walkie talkie!
* WEBCALL: Aire allows you to use Aire’s WEBCALL feature. If a company uses the Aire webcall feature on their website, you can use your Aire application to call their phone line right from their browser!
* AND MORE: File sharing, GPS Location, Contact list integration, Facebook Login, International Calling!

Rebooter (fast reboot) for Android

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Rebooter (fast reboot)

Rebooter (fast reboot)-1Rebooter (fast reboot)-2
Kill background processes just like task killer.
Reboot in just a few seconds.

You cat reboot easily & quickly.
You can use Kill apps or Hot boot instead of task killers.
- Kill apps(background apps) with white list.
- Fast Hot Boot(Kill all UI apps except system process:root is needed).
- Fast Reboot(root is needed).
- Fast Shutdown (root is needed).
- Reboot to Recovery (root is needed).
- Reboot to Bootloader (root is needed).
- Home screen shortcut(s) for kill apps and reboot.
(Long tab empty home screen > Shortcuts > Select Rebooter icon)


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