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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HF Scientific Calculator for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:38 PM

HF Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator App
An advanced Scientific Calculator
This is a fully featured calculator which supports matrix, complex numbers and equation solver.

** You can access Graph and Converter via the button MODE
* Large input/output display
* Dedicated Graph Plotter
* Advanced Unit Converter
* Complex number
* Full Matrix Support upto order of 9×9
* Simultaneous linear equation solver upto 9 variables
* Polynomial equation solver – gives both real and complex solution
* Landscape Mode
* Calculation History
* All Trigonometric operations
* Degree, Radian, Grade
* Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal operation
* Ten memory locations
* Results history feature
* Constants Table
* In built help (accessible via options menu)
This is ad supported version.
You can upgrade to Scientific Calc Pro to remove ads.
If you find Scientific Calculator useful, please consider upgrading to pro version to support further development.

MobileVOIP Cheap Calls for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:35 PM

MobileVOIP Cheap Calls

MobileVOIP Cheap Calls
Cheap calls using MobileVOIP over 3G or Wifi! Call roaming free!
Cheap Calls: The MobileVOIP dialer lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations. MobileVOIP is the best Android voip solution; save on your mobile phone costs right away, by using this Mobile voip (MVoIP) cheap calls app! MobileVOIP offers free 3G calls or WiFi calls for Android, Symbian and iPhone users! Save on monthly calling charges!
Travel Roam free with MobileVOIP! You never have to worry about high roaming costs abroad anymore! When abroad, simply use MobileVOIP over a WiFi network! Whether in a restaurant, hotel room or public HotSpot, you can now save on mobile calling charges when travelling abroad as well!

Simply install our free calling app, register with one of the many supported VOIP brands and save loads of money on your international calls. If your selected destination is not among the FREE destinations, using mobile voip calls enable you to call them at almost no costs. MobileVOIP offers either FREE calls or very cheap calls to any international destination!
- Make sure you have an account from a supported VoIP provider. NEW: signup now via !
- Make free international calls over SIP technology with this mobile voip dialer
- Use your own contacts from within the free calls app
- Connect to Internet using 3G, WiFi, UMTS and use your voip credit on the go for cheap calls.
- Place FREE international calls to a selection of destinations.
- Enjoy the cheapest international calls to any other destination.
- Cheaper than Skype! More possibilities than Viber! No one offers cheaper calls!
Stop spending too much money on your international calls; use cheap 3G calls or cheap WiFi calls with MobileVOIP. MobileVOIP is the best FREE calls app you’ll find on the market! Install MobileVOIP for your Android VoIP calls and call for free!
Looking for an older version of the app? Visit our website at!
Supported VoIP Brands for free Android calls:
VoipCheap UK
** List of countries you can make cheap international mobile internet calls to: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, UK, USA and other countries.
**MobileVOIP is a Mobile Voip (MVoIP) application developed by Finarea. It supports all Dellmont VoIP brands and enables it’s users to save on their monthly calling charges by over 95%. MobileVOIP is a free voip dialer available for Android phones, Symbian phones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry and iPhones.* Download MobileVOIP and call for free!! MobileVOIP does not support peer-to-peer calls to Skype users or Viber users. In order to improve the application and offer the best service possible, this app uses Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

Holo Locker for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:33 PM

Holo Locker

Holo Locker-1Holo Locker-2
Simple and fast lock screen replacement, based on stock Jelly Bean lock screen.
Holo locker is not a theme for Go Locker or others, it is the real Jelly Bean lock screen app.
Basic features:
- Enable/disable Holo Locker
- Support system security lock
- Customizable text color
- Emergency unlock
- Enable/disable vibrator
- Change screen orientation
- Hide status bar
- Disable status bar
Plus features:
* Support alternative wallpaper.
* Option to change background tint.
* Unread count notifications for call, sms, gmail and K-9 mail.
* Customizable notification badge color.
* Left, right, top and bottom shortcuts customization.
* Other enhancement and customization options.

Agent with free voice calls for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:29 PM

Agent with free voice calls

Agent with free voice calls-1Agent-with-free-voice-calls-2
Agent Mail.Ru lets you talk to your friends and family from your Android device. Instant messaging, free audio calls and SMS, photo and video sharing and many other features.
Agent for Android allows you to:

— See when your friends are online and send them instant messages;
— Make free voice calls to other Agent users on mobile phones and computers;
— Talk to your ICQ friends: connect your account or add them directly in Agent without registration or additional settings;
— Share photos, videos, and other files;
— Choose your favorite interface theme;
— Send free SMS to mobile phones;
— Post to the microblog and receive status updates from your friends on «My World»;
— Receive notifications about new e-mails in your Mail.Ru mailbox.
Download Agent and always stay in touch with your friends and family!
Important: voice calls available only for Android OS version 2.1 or higher.

Intersection Explorer for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:24 PM

Intersection Explorer

Intersection Explorer
Intersection Explorer helps blind users explore their neighborhood.
Intersection Explorer speaks the layout of the streets and intersections in neighborhoods as you touch and drag your finger around the map. This helps blind and low vision users get an understanding of a neighborhood both before venturing out and while on the go.
To use Intersection Explorer:
* Start at your current location or enter a new location from the menu
* Touch the screen to speak the streets at the nearest intersection
* Drag your finger along a compass direction or drag in a circle to speak each street that you cross with their compass direction
* Move to the next intersection on the street by lifting your finger
* Use in conjunction with WalkyTalky from the Eyes-Free project, and Walking directions and Places in Google Maps to get a new level of access in the physical world

Comm – Free Calls, Texts for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:04 PM

Comm – Free Calls, Texts

Comm - Free calls, texts-1
You can now add friends using QR Codes by going to: Add Friend > QR Code and scanning their QR code or generating your own.
You have 10 seconds to delete your sent messages from the chat.
Enable or disable sound, vibration, and LED notifications to customize your messaging alerts.

We are currently experiencing multiple push notifications for new messages. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.
Meet Comm, a free call and text app with Stickers to make your messages unique!
What’s special about Comm?
- It’s free! Make phone calls and send messages to other Comm users, even internationally.
- Talk to Comm friends regardless if they use iPhones or Android phones.
- Create a profile using your existing phone number. Comm integrates flawlessly with your existing phone’s address book.
- Study group, party planning, you are covered! Hang out with all your friends, by using the group chat feature.
- Add kick to your messages by sending Stickers from our growing collection.
- Comm uses your current phone number, but keeps it private on your profile.
What’s a Sticker?
- Stickers are cool pictures and images you can share with your friends in messages.
- From cute cartoon characters to funky emoticons, Comm has hundreds of Stickers and more added every week.
- Save your thumbs, send a Sticker.
Install Comm now and start enjoying free calls and texts!
Like us on Facebook at
Follow us on Twitter at
There is no registration or service fee associated with this app. However, the use of chats and voice calls on 3G networks may incur data fees from your carrier. Users are responsible for their own data plan and carrier fees.

Internet Speed Test for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:01 PM

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test
This application will test the speed of your Internet connection. It is accurate and very small (only 107kB). Try it out!

FREE Calls with magicJack for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:58 PM

FREE Calls with magicJack

FREE Calls with magicJack-2FREE Calls with magicJack-1
FREE Calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers – or to any magicJack number, anywhere in the world.
magicJack APP will NEVER use your mobile minutes and does not require a voice plan. WiFi or 4G recommended.
magicJack APP is 100% FREE and does not require any purchase.
You can use your Android device’s stored contacts with the magicJack APP.
Download magicJack APP today and start making FREE calls instantly.
If you do not have a magicJack account, you have two options with magicJack APP:
1. Test drive it! No account needed. Make outgoing calls to U.S. and Canadian landlines and cell numbers and any magicJack number.
2. Receive a free magicNumber phone number to make and receive FREE calls and receive FREE Voicemail.
A magicNumber starts and ends with an asterisk/star, like so: *0123456777* and can be dialed directly from any magicJack.
You can use this number for magicJack to magicJack calls or have others call you from anywhere, like so:
• First dialing the access number:
1-305-848-TALK (1-305-848-8255).
• After the prompt, enter the magicNumber
including the asterisks/stars, like so: *01234567*
In magicJack APP, click the Account tab at any time to view your magicNumber.
Tell friends to download magicJack APP and dial each other direct for free.

Find My Friends for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:55 PM

Find My Friends

Find My Friends allows you and your friends to keep tabs on each other, even while apart. It’s a great way to coordinate meet-ups, or regroup on a large outing.
Find My Friends lets you:
See the location of any friend or family member on a map, with their permission, through their cell phone
- Find your friend’s location for free on iPhone or Android. For any other phone, you get 3 free locations. Afterwards, it is $4.99 per month (we use triangulation data through the carriers so we share the cost with you).
- Update locations on demand at any time
Carriers who support the friend location app:
If using the app on an Android phone or iPhone: All Carriers
If using another phone (US only): Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile
Friend location for iPhones and Android Phones:
It’s easy to get started. Download and install Find My Friends on your phone, create an account and invite your friends to do the same. As soon as your friends have joined your account, you can see their location on our Friend Location Map. For each person’s profile, you can also see their location history, request a location update and check-in with your friends so they get your most updated location. If you or your friends need help, the panic button will let everyone know, along with providing the most recent location. This app is always free and works around the world (depending on your carrier).
Friend location for other phones:
Locating friends using other phones is even simpler. All you have to do is send your friend an invite via text message. All your friend has to do is text a “yes” reply. As soon as your friend accepts your invite, you can locate him or her instantly on our map with the push of a button. We use the same technology that you see on CSI or Law & Order referred to as “triangulation.” Triangulation utilizes the cell phone carrier’s network infrastructure to identify a cell phone’s location. Because this data costs us money each time, we can only provide 3 free locations per account. Afterwards, you can upgrade to premium to receive unlimited locations for $4.99 per month. (Note: This premium feature only works in the US.)

StyleNote Notes & Memos for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:53 PM

StyleNote Notes & Memos

StyleNote Notes & MemosStyleNote Notes & Memos-2
Write colorful notes & memos with rich styles and organize with custom notebooks
- Powerful note editor with rich text styles (bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough)
- Highly customizable note text sizes and colors
- Flow view of all your notes: an overview of all notes in one place – more than just a list of note titles (optional)
- Note organization with custom notebooks / folders
- Custom note ordering (you can move any note up / down and have your own ordering of notes)
- Semi-transparent memo widgets for putting your notes on your homescreen
- Easy note sharing / sending
- Password lock for your private notebooks
- Database backup for your important notebooks
*NOTE* If you encounter any problem with the app, please email me ( as I cannot directly reply to the reviews / comments on the Android market and follow up. I shall try my best to help and fix the problem. Alternatively, you can also leave me a message on my blog ( Thanks.
Recent Changes:
Version 1.5.6
- Added the “Edit Note” menu item to the read-only mode
- Improved how a style is removed from a text selection (style will be kept outside the selection)
- Now if any auto-saving occurs during the note creation, pressing “Cancel” will not delete the new note
- Now the on-screen keyboard is initially hidden when the note editor is launched
- Now auto-saving will be paused when the note editor is not in the foreground
- Hid the window title bar of the note editor for bigger editing area
- Made some internal changes
Version 1.5.5
- Moving the cursor via touching now updates the style button states to reflect the applied styles in the note editor
- Disabled the menu button in the read-only mode
- Fixed an error where using the context menu in the read-only mode would make the program crash on some Samsung devices
Version 1.5.4:
- Improved the note editor interface when the user is typing via the on-screen keyboard: ad is hidden, style buttons are always visible when given enough space, and the scrolling behavior is improved
- Added “Save” to the device menu key’s menu in the note editor (visible when you press the “menu” key on your Android device)
- Tweaked the Pro licence verification process
- Fixed a few potential errors

WebStorage Widget for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:51 PM

WebStorage Widget

WebStorage Widget
WebStorage Widget is an ASUS WebStorage home screen widget. This handy little widget will allow you to quickly upload your notes, pictures, voice recordings and videos directly to your personal cloud storage.

Due to Android operating system’s limitation, users will not be able to access ASUS WebStorage directly from the home screen widget if it is installed on the SD card. WebStorage Widget is designed to overcome this limitation allowing users to freely install ASUS WebStorage anywhere they want and still be able to use this Widget.
How to add WebStorage Widget to your home screen
After ASUS WebStorage is installed, simply tap and hold the home screen to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” option. Select “Widgets” from the drop down list and chose ASUS WebStorage Widget to add it to the home screen.

H-Dlock Theme GO Locker for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:49 PM

H-Dlock Theme GO Locker

H-Dlock Theme GO Locker-1H-Dlock Theme GO Locker-2
1.Make sure GO locker V1.05 has been installed.
2.Use it with Flowerlove theme for GO launcher EX and GO SMS, is perfect!
1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->GO Locker—->My locker” to
choose the theme;
3.The theme is Collocation a matching with the GO Launcher theme,
You can search: Flowerlove theme GO launcherEX to find it.hope you like it.
Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement!

TringMe – Free Calls & Messages

TringMe - Free Calls & Messages
TringMe – Unlimited free calls and messages to your friends and family around the world! It’s completely free, no adverts or nuisance, just FREE.
TringMe has developed new natural sounding HD voice engine which allows you to talk smoothly even in limited bandwidth condition. With this new engine, we doubt if any other application can match TringMe’s voice quality.
Also, TringMe is the only app which allows you to talk to your contacts using different smartphones like Android and Blackberry. We are constantly improving and value your feedback, so let us know if you have any suggestions for new features.

WeightWatchers Barcode Scanner for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:44 PM

WeightWatchers Barcode Scanner

WeightWatchers Barcode Scanner
Attention Weight Watchers Online and eTools Subscribers: Now you can make smarter eating choices while you shop! Our newest app scans the barcodes of food products and provides you with accurate PointsPlus® values.

Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner uses the latest technology to take the guesswork out of shopping for foods that will help you stay on track. Whether you’re in the supermarket, at home or on the go, you can easily scan foods to help make smarter decisions.
To find PointsPlus values, all you need is an internet connection. Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner gives you access to its own foods database with thousands of brand name foods. It still works with your Weight Watchers Mobile tracking app and your Plan Manager, so once you’ve scanned a food, you can add it to your PointsPlus Tracker and your Favorites. You can also compare multiple scanned products.
Without a connection, you can compare your previously scanned items, access your scanning history and other lists, and use the PointsPlus calculator. With Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner, you’ll have even more tools to help you live a healthy lifestyle.
Subscribers can download the App, then log in with a valid username and password for complete access to this additional suite of tools.
Once you’ve taken it for a test drive, feel free to send your feedback to and help us improve our latest app!
•    You must be a current subscriber to Weight Watchers Online or eTools to access this application.
•    An internet connection is required for scanning, tracking and adding food to your favorites list
•    Android OS 2.2 or higher, not compatible with Android 3.0

textPlus – Free Messaging for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:42 PM

textPlus – Free Messaging

textPlus Int’l Free Messaging
Message anyone in the world for FREE! Stay connected to family & friends.
Text, send pics & group text with anyone in the world for FREE! SAVE $$$ on your text plan!
TEXT FOR FREE TO ANY US or CANADIAN 10-DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER – even to friends without the app!
Why use textPlus?
- SAVE MONEY ON YOUR TEXT PLAN! FREE APP TO APP messaging with family & friends all over the world + TEXT FREE to any 10-digit mobile number in the US or CANADA
- TEXT FREE to ANY MOBILE DEVICE with or without the app – no one’s left out of the conversation!
- GROUP TEXTING – keep all your family & friends in the loop
- YOUR CONTACTS, FRIEND GROUPS & MESSAGES IN ONE PLACE! textPlus finds other users in your phone’s contacts & on Facebook – text 1:1 or group text with any circle of friends!
- NOTIFICATIONS when new friends join textPlus!
- MEET NEW PEOPLE – Search for people by username or on any topic of interest!
- NEW SEND VOICE NOTES FREE app-to-app or to any 10-digit US or Canadian mobile number – when a text just isn’t enough, send a voice note!
- NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS – textPlus finds other textPlus users in your phone’s contact list
- NEW FIND FACEBOOK friends on textPlus
- NEW PEOPLE TAB – easily find friends on textPlus & message them immediately or Invite friends to textPlus
- PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Never miss a message!
- QUICK RESPONSE POP UP – respond super fast to any message
- TABLET & CROSS PLATFORM SUPPORT –message friends on any device – even those without the app!
- TEXTS IN THE CLOUD – Offline? Signing in from another device? Your texts will be waiting
- SIGNATURES – personalize your texts

Gold Live for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:38 PM

Gold Live

Gold Live
Live gold prices, market info, charts, news, and more. Free, easy, 24×7!
Download Kitco’s Gold Live! Android™ app to stay in touch with the precious metal markets on the go! With comprehensive coverage and full control, it brings live spot prices for gold, silver and other metals, along with critical market information to your fingertips. The Gold Live! application for Android™ is now available to download for free!

Key features of the Gold Live! Android™ app
• Now fully compatible with all Android-based tablets
• Kitco Video News
• Move to SD card functionality
• English, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language options
• Live gold prices
• Quotes for precious metals, base metals, indices, oil and mining stocks
• Customizable home page
• Gold prices and other spot prices updated frequently (every one to 10 minutes)
• London Fix values back to 1968
• Current news, commentaries and press releases
• Exchange rate comparisons for 13 currencies
• Gold prices and other data from, the number one metals market information website
• Local, NY Time and GMT time zone options
• Unit of measure conversion options
• Full-screen rotatable technical and historical charts

Mercury Messenger (Free) for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:33 PM

Mercury Messenger (Free)

The most extensive MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger (WLM) on the market
MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger (WLM)
MSN / WLM Features:
- Chat with your Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger), Yahoo Messenger and Facebook contacts
- File transfer: Send/receive any type of file to and from your Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) contacts
- Voice clips: Send/receive short voice messages to and from your Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) contacts
- Personal emoticons: Send/receive personal emoticons to and from your Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) contacts
- Multiple points of presence: be online at MSN on your computer and MSN on your phone
- Group conversation: chat with multiple Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) contacts in one conversation
- Show current song (MSN Now playing)
- Multiple MSN / WLM accounts
- Encrypted conversation support (OTR)
- Offline messaging
- Invisible signin
Event Notifications:
- Events: Message received, Contact signed in
- Actions: status bar, vibrate, ringtone, led, turn on the screen
- Supports different notifications for specific groups and contacts
Other Features:
- No Ads (Donate only)
- Fling (or swipe) between conversations
- Improved Launcher (Widget): Application icon with the number of unread messages on your home screen
- Custom application background
- Conversation logging to sdcard
- Multiple languages (30 so far), mail me if you want to help translate
- Start on phone boot
- Very stable and regular updates
Feedback is welcome!
- If you have a question, problem or suggestion press Menu, choose Help inside the app
Android Market Comments
- If you have a problem and comment in the android market, please also mail me (through Menu + Help in the app), I most likely need a bit more information before I am able to solve your problem..
NOTE: MSN and Windows Live are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This application is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Corporation.

Magic Keyboard Free for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:32 PM

Magic Keyboard Free

Magic Keyboard Free-1Magic Keyboard Free-2
Magic Keyboard. A blazing fast Android Keyboard with incredible predictive text.
Magic Keyboard Free is a predictive text Android keyboard.
It replaces the stock Android keyboard for all typing on your phone.
Magic Keyboard analyzes millions of word combinations to predict and correct your typing with incredible accuracy and speed.

The promotional video shows all features of the paid version, Magic Keyboard Pro. This adds a theme editor, learning, lots of themes, next-word prediction and auto text.
If you like it, please add stars or +1 !
Magic Keyboard Free features:
- Amazing predictive text, based on several words of context
- Context sensitive auto-correction
- Multi touch
- Configurable number of word suggestions
- Smart apostrophe handling
- Four standard themes (26 in Pro)
- Caps-Lock (double tap shift)
- QWERTY keyboard layout
- AZERTY keyboard layout
- QWERTZ keyboard layout
- JCUKEN keyboard layout (for Russian)
- Keyboard resize option
- Integration with Android’s built-in user dictionary
- Integration with Google’s speech-to-text service
- Profanity filter
- A huge number of special and accented characters via long-press
- A number pad
- Two symbols keyboards
- Two emoticons keyboards
- Key sound effects
- Key vibration effects
- Several auto-spacing options
Language support via separate language apps:
- British English
- US English
- Spanish / Español
- French / Français
- German / Deutsch
- Russian
- Hebrew
Unlike some keyboards for Android, Magic Keyboard does not require internet access.

GOWidget Theme – Transparency for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:21 PM

GOWidget Theme – Transparency

GOWidget Theme - Transparency
GOWidget Transparent Theme, designed by Go Launcher Dev Team, is available now! Transparent, black, crystal as a design element, so your GOWidget looks special, make full sense of science and technology. Get it and have a completely new makeover of your GO Launcher!

How to Change GOWidgets’theme?
-Long press on your GOWidget, press the Skin option and choose the Transparent Theme.
* Make sure you have already installed GO Launcher EX whose version is higher than 2.39. You should also update your widget to latest version.
Theme supports the following GOWidget:
-GO Calendar Widget V2.3 or higher
-GO Contacts Widget V1.5 or higher
-GO Message Widget V1.5 or higher
-GO Search Widget V1.1 or higher
-GO TaskManager WidgetV1.3 or higher
-GO FBWidget V1.2 or higher
-GO Twitter Widget V1.2 or higher
-GO WeiboWidget V1.0 or higher
-GO Switch Widget V1.2 or higher
-GO Bookmark Widget V1.1 or higher
-GO Email Widget V1.0 or higher.

Rave Live Wallpaper Free for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:20 PM

Rave Live Wallpaper Free

Rave Live Wallpaper FREE LWP
Make your phone intrigue and impress with this elegant and colorful live wallpaper. Watch as the colorful lights and shapes dance on your home screen. It is lightweight and efficient so it will not drain your battery!
Upgrade to the full version to customize colors and more!
Notable Features:
- A live wallpaper containing incredibly smooth and intricate patterns and lights.
- Lightweight in size for fast download and minimal footprint
- Visually smooth and pleasant
- Won’t kill your battery like most live wallpapers
- Never any ADS or SPAM
Summary: Make your phone’s home screen an amazing lightshow!

USPS Mobile for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:15 PM

USPS Mobile

USPS Mobile
Access’s most popular tools on-the-go.
Access popular® tools on-the-go with USPS Mobile®. Find Post Offices™ and USPS services offered by Approved Postal Providers™, look up ZIP Codes™, calculate postage prices, schedule next-day pickups, order supplies, scan labels, hold your mail, and track packages anywhere you go.

Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Kiosk (Automated Postal Center®), or collection box. You’ll see the closest options and get mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions. Or search for locations anywhere in the country.
Look up a ZIP Code™ for your current location, now with maps integrated in your results. Or get the ZIP Code for any U.S. address.
Calculate a Price to determine how much postage you need for your letter, card, envelope, or package. Choose from retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too.
Use the Track & Confirm tool to check the status of Express Mail® shipments and packages sent with other services. You can give your shipment a nickname and save it in the app, so you can easily keep tabs on your items.
Schedule a next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Returns shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery.
Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep the mail safely at your local Post Office™ until you return.
Order USPS® supplies and have them delivered right to your door.
Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your phone’s camera. The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of its status.

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:12 PM

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)-1Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)-2
**App Lock is money-free and ad-free**
Do you want to protect to run application from others?
Do you feel annoy other app locks which die by task killer application?
Do you feel upset an advertising display on lock screen?
Do you want to use your own lock screen wallpaper?
Do you feel upset about the unlock bug by home key?
We can solve all the above issues perfectly!!!
This is an essential application for every android user. Protect any personal data on your phone.
AppLock lets you protect any applications you want with custom pattern lock screen. For example, SMS, Gallery, Email, Call… any apps you choose.
Main Features:
- Application lock
- Pattern lock
- Quickly lock on/off widget
- Change lock screen wallpaper
- Protect to unlock by home key
- Send your forgotten pattern record by email
- Easy setting menu
- Easy App locker
* Service restart is required after the upgrade.

MOBILedit – PC Suite for Android

Posted by Harry On 7:09 PM

MOBILedit – PC Suite

MOBILedit - PC Suite
The ultimate PC Suite for Android phones.
Need to manage your phone content from a PC? Just got a new phone? Want your old phone’s contacts and messages in it? Then this is the application you are looking for. MOBILedit is the ultimate PC Suite and PC Studio for Android phones. Now you can get the maximum usage from your phone:
* The only universal PC Studio with thousands of phones supported
* Connect your phone through Wi-Fi or USB cable
* Manage, improve and print your phonebook from the comfort of your computer
* Copy your contacts from any phone, manufacturer or system to your new Android phone
* Install APK applications to your phone from a PC
* Live view of phone and card memory, battery, signal, IMEI and more
* Contact optimization and internationalization
* Copy pictures and videos between phone and PC
* Download, read, store and print text messages
* Send text messages using your PC keyboard
* Backup all phone content to your PC or Internet cloud storage
* Create free ringtones from a CD or MP3
We spent years developing a universal product with the ability to manage thousands of models from all manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Apple iPhone and many more.
This extensive project and unique know-how is used by millions of mobile phone users as well as large corporations. It is also the gold standard in the world of digital forensics investigation with customers including the FBI, MI5, and U.S.A. military.
Just follow these steps:
1. Install this application which allows a PC to communicate with your phone.
2. Download and run MOBILedit on your PC 
3. Connect your phone through Wi-Fi or USB cable.

AndChat (Free) for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:56 PM

AndChat (Free)

AndChat (Free)
** Contact me for any problems **
AndChat is a multi-server internet relay chat (irc) app for Android, designed to work on both phones and tablets, and includes a tablet optimized layout.
If you like this, why not buy the donate version from play store.
A donate version available in the play store or you can donate via
Feel free to contact me with any issues/bugs/feedback:

Nick completion is done via search button or by pressing the search icon next the input box.
Ignore list
Multi-Server support
Multi-Charset support
SASL Support
UTF-8 Detection
Chat Logs
Typing history (DPAD up/down)
Nick highlight support for multiple nicknames
SSL Support
User list
Encryption to protect access to password protected servers.

DigiClock Widget for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:46 PM

DigiClock Widget

DigiClock Widget
Themed Digital Clock widget with Date. 12 and 24hr options.
Themed Digital Clock widget.
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Don’t like 3.0? Email me with details why and i can provide a 2.6 build. Thanks!
Need help installing? Run DigiClock settings from your app drawer and check out help!
Other Problems? Help on dev site! Didn’t help? EMAIL ME, i’ll fix it!
Cyanogen Mod may kill it aggressively. But shouldn’t anymore ;)
Please support dev by buying the Donate version!

Dark forest 4 GO Launcher EX for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:42 PM

Dark forest 4 GO Launcher EX

Dark forest 4 GO Launcher EX-1Dark forest 4 GO Launcher EX-2
Dark forest Theme 4 Go Launcher EX
GoWidget Theme – Forest Light is partner of this.
!Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required. Install it for free from the market. Search for Go Launcher Ex!
How to install:
1. Search for the latest version of GO Launcher EX. install and run it
2. Install the Theme (Please Do Not open directly after it’s installed)
4. Back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > Themes.
5. Choose and apply “Wind” theme.


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