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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kalm Sutra - Sex & Love Positions

Posted by Harry On 5:44 PM

Kalm Sutra - Sex & Love Positions


Designed to help you and your partners love life flourish, Kamasutra utilizes wild SEX & LOVE Positions, tantalizing music and beautiful visuals to bring a unique experience.

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From the creators that brought you Yoga STRETCH & Yoga RELAX now brings Kalm Sutra. An adept guide showcasing unique artistry to unveil body positions perfect for personal strength, flexibility and mental prowess.

Kalm Sutra displays vignettes of invigorating illustrations sparked by the natural emotion of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Navigate in and around Kalm Sutra for an enlightening journey reaching far past your fingertips.

BENEFITS for each position
TIPS for each position
INSTRUCTIONS for each position

Book for Women
Book for Men
Book of Summer
Book of Winter
Book of Autumn
Book of Spring

- Soothing Music
- Beautiful Love Positions
- Stunning effects


What's New in Version 3.0

Made the whole app Retina display for the iPhone 4.
Added a new shelf with books (Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America)
Added a "Tried" section
Added an "Favorites" section


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