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Monday, May 27, 2013

SoulCraft – Action RPG Game 2.2.1

Posted by Harry On 11:08 PM
Current Version: 
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
v2.2.1 update:
** If you encounter any problems please write to service at ! **
Thanks for your support – please keep the 5 star ratings coming!
- Finally a real story mode / campaign
- Improved (open) Tutorial
- New Rome Location with Gladiator Boss
- Gladiator Skin (Now on Sale)
- Character Creation and Renaming
- Full Gamepad Support in the menus
- Improved Balancing, e.g. Free Daily Gold increased, Skill prices reduced

SoulCraft is the best free2play Action RPG game for Android. If you have been a hunter in enough dungeon crawlers and feel like you have been a warrior for all eternity already, answer the call, fight for the torchlight of hope, do your duty and choose to be a legendary hero in the action role playing game SoulCraft :)
*** SoulCraft featured by Google for Google I/O 2012 ***
*** Handpicked game for Google booth at Mobile World Congress 2012 ***
*** our favourite user comment “This game is better than Elvis” :) ***
*** please see for details ***
Setting of Action RPG game:
With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans for victory and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel (with humans and demons coming soon) – it is up to you who will win this fight. May it be diablo in hell, god in heaven or the human race in this war of heroes directly on earth.
SoulCraft is being developed by the small indie game studio MobileBits. The game is still in development and we hope you will take this chance to shape this free game with us together to make it a real top pick and award winning game with lots of prizes. We will constantly add lots of stuff (locations, character, spells, items and more) and we will use your feedback to decide what to do next.

- free2play / freemium Action RPG game with lots of hack n slash and dungeon crawling
- awesome graphics and great gameplay in this best roleplaying game for Android
- combat demons in real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York & Egypt. More locations coming soon!
- play as an Angel now with more races including Demon and Human coming soon
- five different game modes in legendary quests including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights
- battle lots of different and diversified enemies and fight with lots of weapons, swords, items, spells, equipment, gear and loot. Kill likea knight of heaven (aka angel).
- Multiplayer: challenge your friends and Co-Op Multiplayer coming soon
Download the best game SoulCraft right now for free and tell us what you think on our feedback page at – and please like us on
Thank you 

Fishing Joy FREE Game 1.8.7

Posted by Harry On 9:43 PM
Download Fishing Joy FREE Game 1.8.7 Here


Current Version: 
Requires Android: Varies with device
Category: Casual
v1.8.7 update:
-Launched a Caribbean Fishery with 5X point capability
-Added new species of fish
-Added a new level 10 Cannon Net
-Improved fish animation effects for a more natural and varied movement capability.

Fishing Joy is an insanely addictive game that’s sweeping the world with +65M users worldwide! In Fishing Joy, you’ll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way! Thegame features stunning deep-sea graphics, music, sound fx’s for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience. Aim and shoot your multi-Level power nets to catch fish and earn Gold and XP! In addition, once your Cannon’s Power Gauge is full, you will be rewarded with a special Laser Gun to annihilate anything and everything on its path! Even the most difficult creatures to catch – Sharks! Fishing Joy will keep you glued to the screen!
There are 7 powerful Cannons to choose from in size and range. Cast Cannon Nets wisely using small Nets for small fish and big Nets for large prey. The cost of the net is equivalent to the Level of the Cannon Net (Example: Lv. 1 Net will cost you 1 Gold and Lv. 7 net 7 Gold).
Fishing Joy offers:
(1) 15 varieties of colorful sea creatures
(2) 7 different Levels of Cannons and Nets
(3) 1 Super Laser Gun
(4) An Aquarium Mode
(5) Latest technology in graphics, music and sound effects
(6) GameCenter support
(7) Photo enabled for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo
(8) Tour the world’s ocean corners and experience the exquisite 3D experience of being submerged under water.
(9) Game version available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.
For more information please visit our Website:
Follow us on Twitter for Fishing Joy updates:
Become a fan of Fishing Joy on Facebook:
Fishing Joy HD Support:
Thanks for playing Fishing Joy HD!

Download Fast & Furious 6 Here


Current Version: 
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Category: Racing
v1.0.4 update:
- Fixed issue on some devices downloading content
- Addressed issues resuming the game when minimized
- Fixed crash issue when sharing on FB on some devices
- Resolved graphical corruption on some devices
- Removed black screen on some devices when launching game
- Better handling of minimizing and exiting the app


Step into the world of Fast & Furious 6. Earn cash and the respect of the “Fastest” drivers as you drift and drag through the London street scene. Join the Fast & Furious crew as they prepare to take on a series of jobs in an all new heist mode. Fast & Furious 6: The Game takes the mobile racing genre to greater heights with stunning graphics, new game modes, addictive challenges and intense full-throttle missions that dare you to exceed all limits.
Take down an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers to earn respect as you drift and drag through the streets of London.
Collect, customize and upgrade a slew of high end licensed vehicles that range from the classic 1970 Dodge Charger to the super cars of today – all featuring stunning graphics.
Earn big cash and unlock the next tier upgrades in heists with the Fast & Furious 6 crew
Jump into tournaments or join a crew and take on the world by dominating the global leaderboards
By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy and License Agreement.
Keywords: Racing, Fast, Furious, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Honda, Acura, MustangViper, Charger, Challenger, Kabam, Games

Current Version: 
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
v1.0.2 update:
This update adds some graphical improvements on certain high-end full-HD devices.

Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!
After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around the globe and Iron Man is the only one who can take care of them.
Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive, endless 3D runner!

✔Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world during amazing runs
✔Discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China
✔Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.
✔Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battles and epic one-on-one confrontations
✔Unleash Iron Man’s superpowers with amazingly responsive swipe controls
✔Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics and animations
✔Research and develop up to 18 suits from the different movies (MARK II, MARK 42, Silver Centurion, etc.)
✔Upgrade your armours and powers in the research Lab to wipe out your enemies
For all fans of superhero games, runner games, action games, arcade games, Marvel games, and for all of those who want to fight asIron Man during amazing and intense free runs.
Iron Man 3 – The Official Game from the upcoming Marvel movie is a free-to-play game, but if you wish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game items to boost your progress!
Enjoy Gameloft’s other arcade and action game from Marvel Comics:
The Amazing Spider-Man:
Find and power up Iron Man’s suits in a great game at for your chance to win awesome prizes including a tablet, an iPod touch and in-game credit for the Iron Man 3 game. Have you found MK17 – HEARTBREAKER (Artillery Level RT Suit) yet? Need another clue? ‘The southernmost tip of the Australian mainland’. Go to, solve the riddle and find the suit! Thispromotion is available only in Australia and New Zealand!

Hot Game Tentacle Wars 2.0.7 For Android

Posted by Harry On 8:38 PM
Current Version: 
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
v2.0.7 update:
- Optimizations for sub 6″ HD Displays
- Requires less permissions now


***Launch Sale 50% OFF!***
Fascinating Singleplayer Strategy Game
Intense Audiovisual Experience
Based on the popular Flash Game with 25 Million Fans
• 80 Missions in an Exceptional Campaign Mode
A contaminated alien organism is about to die… Take a deep look inside, while it launches its final defense program. Enter a microscopic world of cells, neurons and DNA tentacles. Take control of the last antibodycells and save the entire species from extinction.
• Make the Impossible Possible
You can cure the organism by capturing enemy cells. To do this, draw a line between green antibody and red enemy cells. This will launch DNA tentacles which drain energy from enemy cell cores and eventually overtake them. Keep an eye on your energy supply and boost your attacks by cutting the tentacles. Capture all enemy cells to secure a zone. Cure all zones and the life form will survive…

• Furious Enemy
Beware of an intelligent and wide awake enemy which fights back without ever giving up. You’ll need to stay focused and master the art of “Tentacle War” in order to prevent the death of your host.
✓ All New Game Experience
✓ Easy to Get Into, Hard to Put Down
✓ HD Display Support
✓ Microscopic World
✓ Suspenseful Atmosphere
✓ 80 Single Player Missions
✓ Original Soundtrack
✓ Optional Random Level Generator

Download Critical Altitude 3D (flight Sim) Here

Critical Altitude 3D is a tilt based
flight game with a Highscore
Online Highscore server - compete
against other Android and iPhone
3D Accelerometer based flight game
featuring OpenGL ES graphics.
Dodge endless levels to get the
highest score online!
3D graphics
Accelerometer steering
Endless levels
Online Highscore server
4 planes to unlock
3 environments
7 obstacle types
Bonus points flying under/over
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Download Critical Altitude 3D (flight Sim) Here

Scrambled Net 5.0.2 For Android

Posted by Harry On 8:27 PM
Downaload Scrambled Net 5.0.2 Here

Developer: Moonblink
Category: Games
Latest version: 5.2
Total versions: 15
Submitted: 25 Feb 2013
Updated: 15 Mar 2012


Scrambled Net , also known as NetScramble, is a port of the KDE game "KNetWalk" by
Andi Peredri, Thomas Nagy and Reinhold Kainhofer. It is ported to Android by Ian
Cameron Smith. The app is released under GPL. Includes MTRandom by David
Beaumont, released under LGPL.
You are shown a network consisting of a server, some terminals, and a load of wiring,
arranged into a grid of tiles. The problem is, the tiles have been rotated at random.
You have to rotate them to connect all the terminals to the server. Counters at the top
of the screen show how many tiles you have clicked, and how much time you have
The aim of the game is to connect all the terminals to the server in the least amount of
clicks as possible.
Scrambled Net detects the screen size of the device it's running in, and configures
the board appropriately. This makes the game a bit easier on smaller phones - the
authors didn't want to make the cells too small, because it's difficult to tap on a
tiny cell on a phone's touchscreen.
Portrait and landscape phones are handled automatically.
Tile rotation is smoothly animated; highlighted tiles show the user's progress.
The game is designed to be usable with 12-key keypad or QWERTY keypad, or by
tapping the screen.
The game has 5 difficulty levels; the first 3 use different board sizes; then wrap-
around is introduced for "Master" level; then "Insane" level adds invisible cells.
Note : Starting at version 3.4, Scrambled Net needs Android 1.6. This was needed to
be able to handle large screens (like Droid) correctly. Meantime, people with 1.5
phones can continue to use version 3.3.
How to Play :
Use the menu to start a new game, or select a difficulty level (which starts a new
The difficulty levels are:
Novice - Small board, no wrap-around
Normal - Medium board, no wrap-around
Expert - Maximum-size board, no wrap-around
Master - Maximum-size board, wrapped-around
Insane - Maximum-size board, wrapped-around, 3-way and 4-way cells are blind
You can select tiles with the arrow buttons; the currently-selected tile is shown with a
red border. Press Z, N or 4 to rotate it left; M, X or 6 to rotate right. You can tap the
screen to rotate a cell right if your device supports it. Tiles which are connected to the
server are shown highlighted.
When you think you have a tile in the right orientation, you can press space or 0 to
lock it. If your device supports it, you can press and hold a tile instead.
You can pause the game at any time using the menu, or by switching to another
application. When the network is all connected, the game will tell you your winning
time and click count.
In games which wrap around, connections going off the right-hand edge connect to
the corresponding point on the left edge, and vice versa; same for the top and
bottom edges. This makes the game a lot harder.
In the "Insane" mode, it gets worse - tiles with 3 or 4 connections have invisible wires.
You have to experiment to figure out which way they're connected. 

Downaload Scrambled Net 5.0.2 Here


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