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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TripLog – GPS Mileage Tracker for Android

Posted by Harry On 8:45 PM

TripLog – GPS Mileage Tracker

TripLog - GPS Mileage Tracker
*** Most feature packed within its class ***
- Track vehicle mileage using GPS
- Auto start when plugged in
- Two home screen widgets
- IRS compliant tax return reports and mileage rate
- Capture expense receipt photos and upload to the Cloud
- Import locations from Google Maps via “Share” option
- International measurements ready
- Reply to all customer emails within 24 hours

* Motorola device users *
It’s a KNOWN issue that Motorola Android devices shut down GPS after certain period of time in sleep mode, causing TripLog to stop tracking mileage. It has been addressed by the app keeps the screen on while tracking GPS.
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  1. Hey, Although Triplog is a great application, I strongly recommend you to try Vezma. It's been three months since i left Triplog and moved to Vezma and have been amazed by the application. Their mobile application is permanently free and also has a one month premium membership you can test after which you pay a nominal fee based on the subscription you choose.

    A few things that amaze me about Vezma are tracking real time location, sharing trips and also able to export the details to an excel file which makes it easy for me to file for tax returns. Also, the one major feature is the flexibility since the phone is available on all platforms (Windows, Android, iOS and blackberry). Check out their website . I hope this helps.



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