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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rebooter (fast reboot) for Android

Posted by Harry On 6:23 PM

Rebooter (fast reboot)

Rebooter (fast reboot)-1Rebooter (fast reboot)-2
Kill background processes just like task killer.
Reboot in just a few seconds.

You cat reboot easily & quickly.
You can use Kill apps or Hot boot instead of task killers.
- Kill apps(background apps) with white list.
- Fast Hot Boot(Kill all UI apps except system process:root is needed).
- Fast Reboot(root is needed).
- Fast Shutdown (root is needed).
- Reboot to Recovery (root is needed).
- Reboot to Bootloader (root is needed).
- Home screen shortcut(s) for kill apps and reboot.
(Long tab empty home screen > Shortcuts > Select Rebooter icon)
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