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Saturday, May 25, 2013

World Of Aircraft for IOS

Posted by Harry On 10:26 PM
World Of Aircraft for IOS


Featured on Pocket Gamer!



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Tired of "who's missile is faster" air combat game?
Want something new?
That's why World Of Aircraft stand out now!
Because World Of Aircraft would change them all!


No unbalanced weapon system ,no stupid radar system,no useless environment.
Three different weapon system make your enemy are always frightened of you,
No matter in far distance fight or dogfight.
New mark system instead of old air combat game's radar system,
Your smart move would make your enemy always lose your action in his view when you could easily catch your enemy with new mark system!
Environment is a good friend for a warrior like you but a bloody beast to your enemy!
They would cover you and hold your enemy.
Try to kill your enemy with your new friend - the environment - and even without open fire!

-----THE GRAPHIC-----

After see the screenshots,we know you are surprised.
we are proud of it too.
Bump map,specular map,reflection map,sky light,particle effect and so on.
All the nextgen graphic tech were used in World Of Aircraft.
Explosion effect was talked so many time in so many game.
Everyone must be tired of it.
Because no matter what they said,the final effect looks all the same.
But we sure you have noticed the explosion looks so awesome in World Of Aircraft.
That was our new research result.
Just for make you enjoy your fight.
What a good feeling when you killed your enemy and see him exploding in the sky?
We know that feeling when you go through their flying fragments.
An awesome big explosion you must have.


With all new designed next generation air combat system and extremely high quality graphic.
World Of Aircraft would provide an all new experience to air combat game.
But that's not enough at all!
How could there would be no multiplayer online fight?
Surely World of aircraft would have it and even better!
World Of Aircraft provide many mode for all of you.
Must meet everyone's wish!


Don't worry the aircraft.
There were 28 totally different ww2 aircraft for everyone -- not just changed color but all different aircraft based on real history!
Everyone would found his love.


How could we forget the upgrade system ?
World Of Aircraft provide a totally new upgrade system.
You don't need to wait and wasting your time for upgrading your aircraft like the other games.
Everyone have chance to be the most powerful warrior in World Of Aircraft!

-----THE MISSION-----

Surely sometime you want play game yourself without others.
World Of Aircraft provide many many single player mission too.
How far can you reach?

-----AND LAST-----

This is an universal app,play on any iOS device you want.
When you sign in with same account you would continue play your progress at anywhere.
Remember keep connect to network,this is an online game.


-No unbalanced weapon system ,no stupid radar system,no useless environment.

-New next generation air combat system.

-Extremely high quality graphic with top quality volume explosion effect.

-Multiplayer online fight.

-Upgrade system would not wast your time.

-28 totally different WWII aircraft.

-7 environment.

-Home console experience on mobile.

-And more will come!
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