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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pocket Life is a web and mobile service that offers a seamless, integrated experience for communication, social networking, location based services, street and satellite mapping.

Pocket Life was designed around your group of friends, allowing you to communicate and interact in ways never before possible. Seamless synchronisation of the information across web and mobile devices as well as synchronisation across selected social networks is a cornerstone of Pocket Life.

You maintain full control of what you share by placing your contacts in Groups and only sharing what you enable with specific Groups.

You are able to store and remember your favourite memories, whether this is the spot where you got engaged, your favourite mountain bike trail or even just to keep a record as to how you are progressing on your daily jog.

Pocket Life, lives and grows with you.
What's on the mobile

* Fast access to all areas of Pocket Life through the home navigation
* List all your nearby Favourite places based on your location
* Find friends and places on interactive Maps
* Send messages and get updates from all your social networks in Pulse


IQ Empty Battery v. 1.0

Posted by Harry On 3:14 PM

If you want to empty your phone’s battery to charge it from zero, or if you want to compare two batteries to see which one lasts longer, you can trust our application to help you with that.

IQ Empty Battery vibrates every second and empties your battery, counting in the same time the number of vibrations. You can challenge a friend to demonstrate him you battery has better quality, or you can make a little joke and just empty his battery before he comes back from toilet. Whatever you chose to do, enjoy this little application for your mobile phone.


Mojos Studios PhotoInbox v1.0 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked-illusion
Mojos.Studios.PhotoInbox.v1.0.S60v3.S60v5.SymbianO S9.x.Unsigned.Cracked-illusion

FullScreen Photo Notifications of received messages! Do you feel bored of the received message notifications from Nokia Smartphones? And you would like to have a FullScreen Photo of the sender instead of a small text information?
In that case PhotoInbox is the solution for you. This innovative product offers:

FullScreen Photos and Pictures for your Message Inbox Plus two more views: FullScreen Text and Normal Text size with Photo Own Message Editor Emotion Icons support Direct Call Back function Customizable User Interface Fully embedded in the operation system English and German version available Symbian Signed Certificated


Super Lite but Extremely Efficient and FAST downloader
for mobile phones. Compatible to all java-phones,
from low-end to high-end fones, as long as it can run java(which supported by almost all handset nowadays).

It use little resources so multi-tasking definitely would not be a problem, let's say OperaMini 4.2, Bolt, MobGet all at the same time.
The download speed is quite amazing, reaches up to 50kbps or even more if you're on a paid proxy service(PPS).

This software was based on a discontinued project from a Russian team.
The idea was to create a download manager
since mobile phones doesn't come with a built-in one,
and 3rd party download manager sofware is scarce and
even if you find one, you'll face some compatibility issues.


* Download for FREE because it's @trick ready!
* Download files from direct links such as geocities, 110mb, or on your own webspace.
* Can download large files, phone/memorycard capacity is the limit
* Simultaneous downloads, but I suggest you limit it at 5 downloads at a time.
* Scheduled start and stop time of downloads
* Pause and Resume of broken-downloads
* Bookmarks
* UBT tricks compatible, try to make your own trick.



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