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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Posted by Harry On 10:31 AM

Shadowalker is an absorbing and habit-forming platform game with a horror theme. Play as Shadowalker, a mysterious distaff bounty huntsman and earn bounty by protective the villagers from the evil spirits baffled. Unknown supernatural creatures have been appearing from ships on the nighttime and taking the children from
the villages. The frightened villagers have addressed you to stop them and you moldiness enter the world of Shadowalker and defeat the graverobbers before it’s too late!

The Map Screen: Use the map to travel from location to location. The green marker indicates that a new quest is available at a location.
The Status Screen: The status screen displays details of your current quest, as well as the power and speed of your weapons and the strength of your armour.
Cash: Cash can be found scattered around the locations of the game and is awarded as bounty for destroying enemies. Use cash to purchase weapons and armour in shops.

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