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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pocket Life is a web and mobile service that offers a seamless, integrated experience for communication, social networking, location based services, street and satellite mapping.

Pocket Life was designed around your group of friends, allowing you to communicate and interact in ways never before possible. Seamless synchronisation of the information across web and mobile devices as well as synchronisation across selected social networks is a cornerstone of Pocket Life.

You maintain full control of what you share by placing your contacts in Groups and only sharing what you enable with specific Groups.

You are able to store and remember your favourite memories, whether this is the spot where you got engaged, your favourite mountain bike trail or even just to keep a record as to how you are progressing on your daily jog.

Pocket Life, lives and grows with you.
What's on the mobile

* Fast access to all areas of Pocket Life through the home navigation
* List all your nearby Favourite places based on your location
* Find friends and places on interactive Maps
* Send messages and get updates from all your social networks in Pulse

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