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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MobileTribe v1.0.29 J2ME

Posted by Harry On 10:44 AM

MobileTribe lets you organize your world in your pocket from Internet and desktop by blending together popular social and address book communities - Facebook®, MySpace®, Orkut®, Plaxo®, Yahoo® and Google® into one easy-to-use application on your mobile phone.

This in combination with inexpensive Voice/SMS at 98% savings and Email capability, greatly enriches the real-time communications between friends to and from anywhere in the world.

With the Multimedia feature, you are no longer limited in what you can enjoy and share, you get digital media streaming to your phone from the Internet to the desktop.

MobileTribe users can browse their communities, send/receive messages, view and comment on pictures, send/receive SMS, emails, receive alerts and much more!

Communicate with multiple social networks from within a single client.

Browse your friends, Send/Receive messages, Wall post, Search.

Call and SMS your friends globally at huge cost savings.

View Your and friends' pictures, post comments.


* Socialize with friends on Facebook®, Orkut® and MySpace® from your phone.
* Communicate using Yahoo mail and Gmail by selecting your contacts from Plaxo®, Google® and Yahoo®.
* View pictures on flickr®, Picasa® and Social Networks.
* Play video and music from YouTube®,®, Social Networks and Personal desktops through Orb®
* Call and SMS internationally at savings up to 98% with friends on Social Networks and contacts on Plaxo®, Yahoo® and Google®.
* Be reachable globally to friends with no roaming charges.
* Alerts on new messages, emails, wall posts, friend requests,.. across Yahoo!®, Gmail® Facebook® Orkut® and MySpace®

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